Xiyad dah berjalan dah~~~

Assalamualaikum semua~~

How's everyone chinese new year's holiday? Great? Stuck in the jam. Well, it has been years now since the day you are on the wheel, driving and stuck in the jam for hours. Wouldn't now is the best time for you to start accepting the fact whenever you drive during the festive season, stuck in a jam is a must. By accepting this fact, you gonna decrease the stress level to a huge gap. Trust me. Hehehehe!!

Well, for me so far my journey plan is tip top. Managed to get away from the jam everytime I'm in the move. Only that one time during last 2 years' CNY holiday when I had to made a U-turn and drove back home (my in-law's) to fetch my camera gears that I left on the sofa!! Now that made me almost 'tobat' nak balik ganu. Hahahaha!!

Okay!!  I think most of you have already checked my photo and my videos of Xiyad whom is now walking proudly with his hands doing the zapin style or a kungfu style I dont know. Yes!!! Xiyad is now walking!! Yeay~~~

It started last Tuesday when Cembam texted me to let me know that Xiyad has just walked 5 steps. And when we balik kampung last weekend, Xiyad really used the opportunity to train his walking in my parents' big house from here to there!!! The best part is that Xiyad rarely fell down when he was walking. He would like controlling his stance whenever he almost stumbled and got hold of his ground back before continue walking. Yeay!!

So for Xiyad, the long wait is worth it coz he walked smoother than those babies who was trying their early steps. Maybe because Xiyad waited till he really get his tune, his confidence and wallahhh!!! He made it!!

This is how Xiyad's hand would be when he walks. Macam nari zapin ada..macam berkungfu pun ada.

Maybe his hands pose would be a natural way to bend over when some girls trying to approach him? You know..the bend in front thingy with his hands already posed like that? KEKE!!

Or maybe the hands would be in a natural pose to do the famous karate kid kick whenever a boy rushing towards him?? HAHAHAHA!!

Apapun Alhamdulillah Xiyad is walking now. Like I said..I don't mind his late walking phase. Coz for me, it's just a longer time to enjoy his crawling moments.

Ah..and he would only stand up if he has a support like a wall, chair or whatever he could hold onto. And he wont walk if he's asked to do so.. Kih kih!!


Aku Bapak said…
wah Xiyad sudah 'dapat' kaki, jenuh nak mengejar nanti..heheh
siap sedialah dengan segala 'sekatan' kat umah tu....terutama bilik air,dapor dan tangga.

anyway..tahniah xiyad!!! :D
langkah panjang la lps ni hehe

jenuh kepong...
Erina Asmawani said…
Ahaaa..comey je buat tangan gitu masa jalan. Nak balancekan badan gaknye. Aaa..x sabar nak tengok Xiyad jalan