Xiyad and his personal fortress

Thursday~~ a chilly and windy noon walking back from Pavilion for lunch. Well actually I went there to buy new silica gel for my camera equipment. And Xiyad's Sebamed shower gel. Bought the huge one with free 200ml is the wisest choice for sure. A 200ml bottle costs you RM16. And the big pack with 1000ml bottle + 200ml + rash cream + baby bubble bath costs you RM66. You do the math.

My mom has been texting me every now and then, sharing her feel of loneliness, missing her grandchildren that would kicks into her heart every now and then.

Well Xiyad can walk with his hands next to his thigh or holding something with both hands. He's no longer needs the Zapin hand pose to balance his walk. He likes to try new things like trying to pull the box from inside the shoe cabinet, or taking out his red ball from his personal fortress with just one hand, or pulling out his alphabet block from behind the TV cabinet that he put in advance there whenever he likes.

But when he failed to do any of his things, he would cry. Not the teary cry. A cry asking for attention. Hahaha!! Most of the times it's cute. But sometimes, it's rather annoying. HAHAHA. When I told Mom about it, Mom's reply was;

"Oh...tu perangai abang masa kecik dulu la"

AHAHAHA!! Amek kau setepek in my face.

Whenever he was starting to cry because he's bored or whatever reason that we still cant comprehend, the best way to deal with him is to steal his attention to something else. For now I would usually ask about his ball. We will ask him "ball mana ball? Bola mana bola?" and he will like "huh..mana ek" kinda of face and starts looking for it. Most of the time he could find his red ball.

Usually it would be behind the cabinet, at his personal fortress. He always rolls the ball there but never manages to bring it out by himself with his one hand. HAHA.

If not, he will find it, carry it to his personal fortress.

But recently he would always switched off the TV plug by his foot thumb. After few times he did it and kinda worried as well because his fortress was where we put the power extensions, so there are wires all over there. 

Hence last couple of days, I pushed the cabinet towards the wall leaving only ample space to slide in your finger to flick the on/off plug. Hehehe sian Xiyad..no more personal fortress for him. But now he still put the ball there but zero-risk of stumbled upon the wires, TV switched OFF or electric shock.  HEHEHEHE


Kniedaz said…
flicking switches on and off are favourite things to do for Yani & Yana..
zonaku said…
annoying betul bila sedap2 tgk tv tetiba off... nk marah cam x patut....

esp bila dia sama2 terkejut...
yer.aku pun dah sendal ape2 yg patut supaya plug suis tidak dijumpai oleh aiman.kalau tak..kejenye bukak tutup suis jer...:P

standard ayat kot "ball mana ball". aku pun guna ayat tu jugak.cmel jer nnt dia amik ball bawak kat kite.hahah