Year-end2012 Family Trip Finale

Okay. Finally this series has come to an end. Ekekeke. This is the finale of our Bukit Merah family outing last year. After watching the Orang Utan for about 20 minutes, the boat brought us to the EcoPark.

Top left : My bro was carrying the mat here and there. No choice. It's to ensure our convenience in the waterpark later.

Top right : Abah and his sunglasses. Mom said she bought it for abah

Bottom left : Xiyad and grandma ready for some animal viewing

Bottom right : Kak Wa, Nureen and Afiqah

At the entrance of the EcoPark, the RM68 package will need you to choose either to have a ride on the the skycycle, the one we chose here in the pictures. Or you can chose the chairlift where it brings you across the waterpark. But we couldn't choose the chairlift because we have strollers and lotsa things and secondly we still wanna have a look inside this ecopark.

This skycycle was kinda scary at it's first 10 meters!! It was like you are riding 15 meters high, and there's nothing down there to catch you if you fall. You need to put your trust on this thing that it wont flop out of the rail. Hahahaha.


It's a bit tiring as well to cycle them with your hands. But Abah and I cycled them with our feet. HAAHAHA!! Easy woh. Then we went into the Ecopark to watch some animals. Not that many animals though. We left after 5 minutes walk towards the waterpark.

Luckily we managed to get a bench to ourselves. Yeahh!! Of course no photos during the water game. We were hungry and just thought about food. It was the first time Xiyad had a dip in a water. His expression?? KRIK KRIK KRIK............. HAHAHAHA!! Neither scare nor laughing joyfully. But he reached out his hand like he was flying though. Yap, that's the only expression he gave. 

Nahdan and Nureen played hard in the water. Running here and there. After around 15 minutes, I realized Xiyad's hands dah kecut-kecut. Seriously only his hands. Remember I said when Xiyad was born, his hands and fingers were so pale and it took around 2 months for it to become like normal reddish. So actually when it got wet for not that long actually, his hands turned back to that pale color. It seems his hands will kecut way faster than others. Siann..hehehe. So I passed him to my mom who decided not to go near the water and had our fun trying the water slide. I tried one water slide with Cembam. But there's one slide that would make your heart wanna pop out. I was shrieking!!! Hahahaha!!

Picture credit to google and whoever took this photo. Yes this one. When you look at it here, not that frightening though. But when you were on the tube and launching from up there, it feels like 80 degree freefall...whoaaaa!!!


Xiyad and I. Look at my Luffy T-shirt!!

I took a swim on the 'beach' area. the water is salty and a bit warmer. Biba and my youngest sister were with me. Oh after so long I didn't go to Bukit Jalil Aquatic, I can still do 25 meter stroke? hahahaha!! Ok la. But suddenly they switch ON the wave and it was so funny at that time when both my sisters were holding on me and Biba hit her head on the wall. HAHAHA!!

After that we changed clothes and getting ready to go home. I tried to find my glasses but to no avail.






It was fun Alhamdulillah for giving us this opportunity to our family. We could hardly gathered like this but finally we had our time with our beloved one once more. Thank you Allah. 

Kak Wa is going back to Ausie this 26th. And it was her birthday!! Oh and our engagement date as well. Hehehe.. Tak dapat jumpa Kak Wa lagi that 26th because balik ganu. Cembam's siblings going home this 26th, so it's her family's turn to gather. Moga jumpa lagi Nureen, Osman and Kak Wa!!! Lotsa love!!!


Masy said…
xiyad ni pesen perahsia agaknye, hepi ke ape ke seme pendam dlm hati huahahaahha
k.lieyn said…
amboi best nyer diorg p jln2..
HEMY said…
mungkin juga tu masy..hehehe

k.lieyn..skali skala kumpul..berjalan la kite
k.lieyn said…
bila lak nak jln2 kat cnie
HEMY said…
sini tu mana kak lieyn nyeeee
Kniedaz said…
xpernah lagi bawa si kembar ke water park...seronok tu gather ramai2 adik beradik...bukan selalu dapat macam tu
Erina Asmawani said…
aku tengok slide tu pun rasa nak gugur jantung weh..mesti lawak ko jerit. Dapat ku imajin..kahkhakhah.

Kesian la next passenger yg naik kete ko tu, kena kayuh guna tangan pengayuh tu yg depa tak tahu org sebelum tu nak kayuh guna kaki..haha

Btw, gambar family korang nice. Ailike :D