30-day doodle challenge - #7 : Sweet Couple


Salam selasa everyone. How's your holiday break. Those who took Annual Leave on Friday like me would have a nice 5-day break. Well I spent it in Terengganu. The whole in-law family were gathering except the one currently studying in UK, so it's a must to spend it in Ganu isn't it?

My sis went back to Australia on 26th, on her birthday and on our engagement date. Heee.. But it's a pity we couldn't send her along with the rest of my family. But anyway we have spend ample time with Kak Wa, Nureen and Osman when they stayed at our house before leaving Malaysian soil. Moga jumpa lagi ek!! We would ikhtiar to buy a ticket and pay you a visit next time..May Allah bless us with rizq that could afford us to do so..amiinnn...

Well due to this Friday is Federal Day, I just have to work for 3 days this week. Hehehe. So, malas gile to start going through my work. I would do it slowly while waiting for Friday. Ekekekeke.

I was watching Runningman 129 when my hands started scribbling. So I decided to do the 7th doodle challenge with a theme of Sweet Couple. Cincai2 je..

Okay~~~ bye~~


Salam bro..lama tak berkunjung ke sini..

harap2 sihat la hendaknya yer..


#komen xda kena mengena dengan entry
Erina Asmawani said…
yela..hari Jumaat KL cuti hari wilayah..ciss!! Jeles!!

Eh..pehal aku nak jeles plak. Hahaha

Btw, ngape yg pomuan tu botak??
Erina Asmawani said…
pomuan pun boleh lah..

Pompuan la!!