30-day doodle challenge - #6 : What's in ur bag?

I've been browsing through those superb artworks in the DevianArt and was totally in love with them. It makes my fingers itching and tapping, doing invisible strokes trying to imitate them even knowing by heart I am zillion light years far from their level.

Okay task number 5 for 30-day doodle challenge is "what's in ur bag"?.

Okay..I don't really good when it comes to item drawing..well I'm no good in any topic anyway. Hahahaha!! But here it goes. I only drew the important things inside my bag though. So I have;

1. My Iphone
2. My S3
3. Chargers for both of course
4. My raincoat

These are the must. But must must pun pernah tertinggal kat office iphone tu...charger tu pun pernah..huhuhu...