30-day doodle challenge - #5 : Childhood memory

Assalamualaikum semua...

How's your weekends everybody? Good? Nice? Regardless on how you spent it, just be grateful we are being allowed by HIM to live on his soil and giving the chance to be as near as we could to HIM. Alhamdulillah..

Last weekend, I had to change Daphne's drive shaft. To those who doesn't really know what the heck is drive shaft, if there's a rattling sound while you are turning your car either left or right, slow or fast, the culprit is the driveshaft. I stopped by the workshop Saturday morning before buying breakfast while carrying Xiyad and the tauke said a pair of it would cost RM960. AUUCHHH!!

But I really need to change them coz the rattling sound is quite obvious which indicates how serious the 'injury' is. And I would b driving to Terengganu, along that Karak road, Jabor..wah..who knows what might happen if Daphne is running with the rattling drive shafts. But I don't really have cash for it.

After discussing with Cembam, she agreed to tong-tong, then I sent my car to the workshop and picked it up on Sunday morning before going to my sis's wedding, the groom side. You know what? I brought my camera bag like ninja turtle just to find out that my camera doesn't have its memory card. What the Fart!!! My sis was so furious coz I didn't take her picture yesterday. Ate lupeee...


Okay the 5th doodle challenge is Childhood memory. These are what I've doodled for this task;

I tried using pencil fully for this doodle after inspired by those professional pencil sketch I bumped into in DevianArt. Damn nice. 

Baling Selipar was really my old time favourite when I was a kid. It requires agility, smart thinking, leadership and cooperation to play this game back then. Huhu. It was my early leadership brought-up. Hehehehe

Abah will push me with his motorcycle whenever he had the time to do it. I would usually kicked off earlier than him coz he needed to wait for my sisters and brother. If I hadn't reach the school yet, Abah will push me along the way before we parted ways as abah rode towards the primary school to send my younger siblings.

These 2 are doodles about my childhood memory on helping dad collecting the coconuts that has plucked cut down by him. Piling and forming a small hill out of the coconuts was for the fun time later where we would play on it to our heart content. 

What a nostalgic moments they are...Hmmm~~~


Kniedaz said…
akak pun dulu-dulu main baling selipar ni...lepas tu...mesti ada yang nangis sebab main ngelat hahaha