30-day doodle challenge - #2 : Imaginary Friends

Happy new year everyone!!

First of all, I would like to wish good luck to everyone for all of your resolutions set for 2013 and I hope everyone would manage to make them come true as a great achievements by the end of this year. May Allah permit us to achieve whatever goal we have set for 2013.

My life is just the same this year. I didn't really set any particular resolution yet. Or maybe I wont be setting any goal at all. HAHAHA

So I started my 2013 entry with the 2nd topic of the 30-day doodle challenge which is IMAGINARY FRIENDS!! 

YEAH!! Here are my imaginary friends. I was and still am a small cute boy back then. I envy those with bigger body, greater skill than mine. I love martial arts and that's the reason why my imaginary friends are Ninjas, A muscular guy and a Kungfu fighter. HEHEHEHE!!

Once I always dreamed that one day, a huge box was posted from me out of nowhere and inside it are katanas, ninja swords, shurikens and lots more weapon from the ninja that I could use for myself. Even an outfit of a ninja. 

I also dream that I was a great KungFu fighter who was respected by every known martial artist. They would throw me a surprise birthday party at my college hall where thousands of martial artist rallied to celebrate my birthday. HAHAHAHA!! Childish ah?? Arent Kids the darndest thing?? HEHEHEHE

If you ask me now? I just pray everyday that I would be away from any violence, protected by Allah from any bad intentions of anyone around me, for my family and for anyone whom I know. I want to avoid being in a confrontation, being a victim..that's it.



Kniedaz said…
my imaginary friends are leaving me...or am i leaving them? can't think any of them..huhu