Night Nag

Sitting on this bench by the court watching my friends walloping each others hitting that small green ball at the sweetest spot they cud find while waiting for my turn to play. Thanks to Allah, tonight is not raining...yet as I saw lights flashing here and there behind the unreachable clouds..I pray to him that tonight gonna be as clear as it is now till the time when the blue uniform uncle shut off the lights.

Oh it's already 5-3, my friend with the best skill here serving. I think my turn to play wud be turn!!


I think personally I played OK. Not too many easy error tonight. Tried to keep the videos I watched in the youtube and try to practice it on the court. I lose the first game n won the 2nd game. But I never aim for a win in any of my game though. I JUST AIM TO PLAY BETTER


Kniedaz said…
better is better than show off ^_^
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