Integrated Operation

Attended a presentation about IO, Integrated Operation. Simply say its about setting up an integrations between all the units of a company, the departments and leadera to simplify related processes and optimize efficiency.

The core value is "having the right people,making right decisions, at the right time with the right data. But at the end of the slides, my manager asked for a clearer and more specific thing on how HSE cud benefit from this IO rather than corcling around on higher level processes

Hmm another meeting at 2:30 but cant go to the HLA building as its raining right now.


Kniedaz said…
kalau buang operation, agak-agak bos turun buat kerja tu tak? hehehe
HEMY said…
Yunus Badawi said…
Dia anggap HSE tu necessary evil ke? .... hehehe