Goodbye Oakley!!

>> Thursday, December 27, 2012

Salaam everyone!! is the first day working after an unplanned 6-day holiday. Why I said unplanned? Well, according to the plan, it's supposed to be just 4-day OFF. Starting from Saturday, annual leave on Monday and until Christmas Tuesday. But Last Friday when I've already sent Xiyad to the nursery, I was on my Wardina (my bike) when I found out my clutch cable was torn off!! Daymmnn~~ Cembam already out by early morning to school. I pushed my bike towards the nearest workshop but it was still closed at 10A.M..Daymmm!!!

Only at 11A.M the workshop opened and I got my clutch cable replaced. Well, at 11:30 I didn't feel like going to work plus it was Friday. So I just worked from home, answering the emails etc. I would surely headed to the office if I have tonne of works waiting. But because there was and is nothing urgent, I don't think working from home with access to the company's HUB and email would jeopardize anything. 

Then on Wednesday, I've already put on my working attire but Xiyad was still sleeping. Cembam had to take off to school. I didn't have the heart to wake up Xiyad when during the midnight he was so cranky due to his flu. So I lied down next to him waiting him to wake up and suddenly it was already 9:30. And Xiyad was quieter than usual. As I finished bathing and clothing him, it was already around 10A.M. HAHAHA!! It was when yesterday I decided to prolong my leave. There you go..the reason why I had 6-day OFF from a 4-day plan.

The pictures I took from the holiday to Bukit Merah Lake Town Resort are still in the CF card. Haven't transferred them yet. But 1 thing I lost after the holiday was my eyeglasses!!! BENCI!! Picture above is the last time I wore the glasses, caught by a camera..=(..sedey~~~

That would be my 5th glasses that I lost out of 6!!!!! Now I only have the last remaining sunglasses that I bought during my time with my old company where we had the privilege to claim up to RM800 of eye-wear. I know most of you would say "takpela..cermin mata leh claim je pun". But this last one was paid by my own money more than half of the price because I left the company and the claim allocation pro-rated it based on my last working day.  And I really thought I could be together with this last one as far as I need it. 

But somehow, I still lost it. The last time I had it on my hand was when Xiyad threw it to the ground in Bukit Merah, I picked it up and shoved it inside the right pocket of my track-bottom. Then when I was on the boat, I discovered that the eyeglasses was nowhere to be found...HUWAAAA!! Sedey!!!

On Tuesday when we stopped at Lumut Jeti, while my family shopping for Ikan bilis and seafood snacks, I went to the eyewear shop and bought a new one. I really need it because I am a near-sighted person now. And I had to drive during the night where my eyesight is the worst. I was targeting the  cheapest one that cost around RM138, but the frame looks so fragile. I'm a sport man and sometimes my eye-wear would be thrown onto the ground when I was playing. So I have to buy a solid one. And after looking around the shop, I took the promotion one, Levi's RM300 including the UV and ANTI-FLARE for computer screen. 

Goodbye expensive eyeglasses~~~~ Goodbye Oakley.....Huwaaaa~~

Tapi takpelah..aku anggap kehilangan ni pun nikmat. Kifarah mana2 rezeki yg aku dapat ni tak berkat, Allah kifarahkan cara camtu. Terima kasih Allah


zonaku December 27, 2012 at 9:08 PM  

glasses aku paling mahal pun 300 je. sebab aku jenis kasar jaga barang. beli half-rim pun jenuh beringat, nk beli rimless, mmg tidak ler....

n x penah pun aku layak dapat claim for eyewear... huhuuhuuuu...

see, ko rasa ko dah teruk.. aku ni?

Drama Queen December 27, 2012 at 10:01 PM  

Xiyad tu ngape la mcm frust je muka dia.. Ke dia krik krik krik lagi tu? Huhu..

Hemy,  December 27, 2012 at 10:11 PM  

Ko mmg xdpt claim..n xpenah ilang smpi 5 kali.jauh beza..huwaaaa

Xiyad mmg trademark dia gitu

Kniedaz December 28, 2012 at 10:49 AM  

alamak...kalau akak hilang cermin mata, dah kira "buta" kejap la..memang tak nampak langsung...huhu...

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