Ekal n his Aquaria KLCC visit.

Last 2 weeks, cembam's brother and sister came to KL to spend some time jalan2 holiday. Somehow, Haikal agreed to tag along with his sister, Ateh to spend his school holiday here. Usually he would only come if his Mom comes along HAHA!! But because they came during weekdays, Cembam was the one driving them here and there while me went to work as normal.

But we set a day to visit Aquaria so at least during lunch, I could join them at KLCC. I think it was Wednesday, Cembam drove to KLCC and we planned to headed to Shah ALam I-city after my office hour together leaving my bike at the office and came to the office by KTM the next day.

Aquaria Haikal
Haikal in front of the center of Suria KLCC with christmas decoration

Aquaria Haikal

This one is the entrance around the office lobby.

We had our lunch at the foodcourt around aquaria. I set my camera to a noob setting so that they could use it by themselves. And here are some of the pictures that they managed to snap. Unfortunately battery 1 bar only when they brought it to KLCC.

Outside Aquaria

Well Aquaria is just how it was couple years back when Cembam and I went here during our dating time. They said they went through the tunnel 3 times.

But Ok la coz the christmas team would let you see the santa clause feeding the fishes inside the tank. HEHEHEHE.

Haikal and Xiyad whom was captivated with the fishes and the lights.

Memory in Aquaria. So Xiyad takyah nak ajak dah pasni ye. Awak dah masuk dah pun. HAHAHAHA

Nice shot from Haikal with the reflection. Citer pasal I-city next entry lah ye. HEHEHEHE.


Kniedaz said…
sangat behave itu budak kecik...si kembar je tak pernah gi Aquaria yang lain dah dua tiga kali dah..tunggu la diorang besar sikit lagi baru bawa p
HEMY said…
tulah so far xiyad bawak berjalan behave je..asalkan jgn berenti disorong stroller tu..hahaha
k.e.r.i. said…
baju merah tu, sekali imbas aku nampak macam Bella.

Erina Asmawani said…
Betul Keri. Aku baru nak komen tu..nak2 pic last tu, memang nampak cam Bella. Eh eh.. Keri rindu Bella lettew :P

Bestnye Xiyad dah masuk Aquaria. Nanti Aqil nak pergi gak lah.
Pocket said…
christmas dah nak sampai yer..
seluruh malaysia kat shopping complex dah penuh, sang diver pun kena pakai santa klos?pergh!! nak naik tu kang berat gilos tu!!