Xiyad's MMR 1-year jab

After our Saturday clinic plan was totally ruined, we've decided to go early morning the next day. As we have checked that An-Nur is closed, hence we went to Az-Zahrah. We leaved the house around 9++ if I'm not mistaken. I didn't track the time. And when when we reached there, done with the registration, we asked the nurse how long we have to wait. And the nurse said 13th turn would be ours.

There was only a doctor available, so we decided to have our breakfast first at Kelisa at the end of the lot. I took a spot next to the aquarium so that Xiyad could watch the Arowana swimming in the aquarium so he would not be bored and cranky. The plan worked nicely..Hahaha!! He watched the Arowana with all kind of noise he could made.

But then, the Arowana went still and didn't move from the left side of the tank and Xiyad could not watch it anymore. Luckily he got occupied couple more minutes with the keychain. I wanted to have roti canai, but wasn't available so I had lontong je lah..

As I've shared previously that we suspected that Xiyad might have allergy with egg, the concern was conveyed to the doctor on duty after another 1-hour waiting at the waiting room and dozed off a while. So the doctor asked us to stay for 3 hours after the jab to monitor any allergy attack so that if it did happen, the hospital could act accordingly. Cembam and I were looking to each other because we had a plan to browse baby apparels at the Mum's Dream not far from the hospital and also to Low Yat. If we have to wait for 3 hours, Low Yat might be canceled.

We then followed the nurse downstairs and waited here next to a normal patient bed. Xiyad was playing with the milk sample that were given by the doctor for us to try. Pediasure and I forgot the other one. As Xiyad's weight is along the yellow line, he needs a higher calorie milk. Anmum that we bought for him is more suitable to avoid obese. So we gonna buy a tin of it later.

After a while, Xiyad went to sleep and we just listened to something happened to the bed next to us. Apparently a girl came into the hospital crying like mad and was taken into the room immediately. The doctor and the nurses were asking "what happened", "who do you come here with", "tell us where you feel the pain" and couple more questions but no response was given by the girl. She kept crying tersedu2. 

I said to Cembam "kena rogol kot"...and Cembam was laughing. Ahahahaha!! Coz the doctor said it's not hard-to-breathe coz the girl can cry as she liked. In the end, the girl said "asthma" softly and she was given the 'asthma gas'. Actually it was my first time watching the asthma kids getting their oxygen. Err was it oxygen? medicated oxygen? Anyway, it looks like they are enjoying sisha. Kih kih

After 1 and half hour, the nurses came and go checking xiyad, Xiyad looked fine and we were released. Then we headed to low yat and so disappointed because the shop I recce the other day that offered the lowest price as far as I surveyed was just a false promise. They don't have the stock for the lense. Damn~~ So after much thinking, I would buy it after my 7D EZ payment completely finished this month. We just bought a printer for Cembam and went home.

The lense is still pending to be owned~~~


Kniedaz said…
so i guessed that Xiyad was not allergic to egg?
HEMY said…
think so yah..tp dia muntah lepas kena shot tu
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