Should we depends on those clinical nutrition?

It's Friday!!

It would be even better if this evening, the weather remains sunny and calm at night so that I could have a taste of walloping that yellow greenish ball with my racket and said VAMOS to my opponent. Hehehehe. Please dont rain tonight Allah~~~ Make it after 11P.M if necessary. Thanks..

Next week would be an awkward yet nice working week dont ya think? Coming to the office on Monday, then OFF, coming back on Wednesday, OFF again, then Friday. Niceee~~~ But I've already applied leave to have a week off next week. Yeay~~~ 

Original plan was to visit my SIL in Penang, but since she's currently in Terengganu, has make the plan even more comfortable for Cembam. So we gonna spend the whole week in Ganu instead. Huhu!!

Xiyad Asytar

Been a while since Xiyad played with his Tok and Tok Ki, his Pok Su Ekal and Mek Nur. "I'm coming!!"

Xiyad's weight growth is a bit slow. He's not in his appropriate weight. Well, as much as I want to ignore the fact because my son is simply small, I couldn't help to feel bothered by it. While in Ganu, we gonna buy him his first Pediasure milk. We tried the sample yesterday and I think Xiyad doesn't really care what kind of milk is being fed to him. Alhamdulillah.

He eats less..really less than he usually does since he entered his first year. He would shook his head as fast as he could whenever we tried to feed food to him. And now he even put his fingers in his mouth and bring out the food if he just feels he wanna do it. Okay~~~~ The only thing that makes our worry in balance is the fact that he drink his milk more often now.

I kinda think of buying Appeton for babies to ensure he gets his nutrition balanced. But still thinking though. Are those products really help? I mean, a doctor once said to me that baby under 2-year old, the most important thing for them are milk. The other solid food is just to make them full.  

Hmm hmmm


Kniedaz said…
Tak mau makan ya? Kadang2 akak bagi si kembar tu makan benda yang lain selain bubur untuk test kesukaan dia..pernah tak try sup macaroni ke atau pasta2 lain yang dia boleh makan guna tangan sendiri...try la...diorang kan tengah belajar tentang tekstur makanan so mungkin dia tak jumpa apa yg diorg suka..takpelah dia minum susu kerap..mungkin dia dah kenyang tu yg dia takmo makan..(just my 10 cent opinion ^_^)
HEMY said…
ermmm..xiyad mmg dh makan macam2 kniedaz..bukan bubur je..nasi terus dh.ikan apa sume mmg ada try bagi apa2 yg ada..dia tutup mulut juih bibir..haha

pastu bagi kat tangan dia tak pandai masuk mulut..dia akan buang