Saturday was planned to visit the doctor seeking for advice on Xiyad's 12-month MMR jab. As we experienced twice incidents where Xiyad felt sick after consuming egg, we need to be careful on this particular jab because the Klinik Desa nurse has already told us in advance that the shot contains egg substance. Hence, we need to be ready on the after-effect and how to minimize it IF Xiyad indeed has allergy towards the egg.

Cembam wanted to finish the house chores first. So my task was like always, looking after Xiyad. If not, he will delay the completion time frame. Kih Kih. And when Cembam was about to get ready upstairs, somehow Xiyad fell asleep while I pat him. I thought we just gonna bring him asleep in the car. But out of sudden, I was also asleep and Cembam was on the sofa sleeping as well. HAHAHA!! Change of plan - sleep first go later.

The first thing I asked Cembam to do after we were awake was to call the clinic to check if the Doctor is around. Cembam refused at first saying "mesti adaaa". I kept asking her to call. And the nurse on the other end of the line informed that the clinic opened half day only. See..It was already 12noon. "Lain kali dengar cakap suami..", I teased cembam. Hahaha!!

So we left with the plan of picking up the YOYO car for Xiyad from Cik Su's house, going out for lunch and Mines to search for my External HDD power adapter. Yes..the search is still going on. It was raining quite heavy, so we decided to have our lunch at Mines. And I thought "OK la..treat Cembam a nice lunch today" and Nando's we go.


When we looked at the menu, DAMN!! The price has went up!! Quarter meal with 2 side dishes costs RM17.90.. O.O' . Gilos. It was then I decided that next time, IF..IF somehow the appetite is craving for this kind of food, we might perhaps try something else  which is as expensive. Alang2..better try something else kan. 

Xiyad behaved quite well, so as the upah, I brought him to look at the school of catfishes inside the man-built river. Coincidentally, there was a family that kept on throwing slices of breads inside, so Xiyad was somehow excited watching it. 

Then we went up to the Challenger shop where I bought my EHDD hoping they sell a spare of the adapter but was disappointed when they shook their heads. (=='). Argh!! the EHDD remains unusable for now. Sedey!!

So we leaved right away after that and went to CIk Su's house. I was somehow soo sleepy on the way and took a nap at Cik Su's house before performing solat asar. And Alhamdulillah rezeki, Cik Su invited us to join her family dine at Papa Chop Mama Grill. But unfortunately the shop closed, so we changed our venue to Satay UK.Wow, Cembam was asking for satay when we left Mines for dinner. Really our rezeki lah!!

We purposely let Cik Su carried Xiyad in their car on our way to Satay UK. But in the middle of the road, we stopped and Cik Su came out of the car with XIyad walking towards us to hand Xiyad over. Err.Xiyad was not crying. It turned out that Cik Su's youngest daughter, Nureen yang crying because of jelaousy. HAHA!! Cute!! Nureen doesn't want a younger sibling..Huhu!! So she was saying "tak suka baby..tak sayang baby".

So our dinner was on Ayah Su's treat. Thanks Ayah Su. Cik Su said, Ayah Su's former company rewarded him some bonus pay even he's already left. It's because he managed to bring in  the contract or something like that during his stay and now the 'money' is coming in. nice his former boss still being grateful and rewarded him accordingly.

Again, thanks for the meal and the Yoyo car!!