Dah ada teman rupanyaaa

Really feel wanna write something up, so I drew something to make it..err..well, a little tiny miny bit interesting perhaps. Hehehehe..

Take a look at this lousy comic here..hehehe..what could you tell from looking at it?

Well, my morning routine is pretty much the same. Only the night one is a little bit different now as Xiyad would regularly (4-5 times a night) woke up and start crying for milk. As now he's no longer calming himself by sucking his fingers, so while waiting for the milk to be prepared, it feels like hours. Usually we will prepare the milk alternately. Either Cembam or I. So when any of us was waiting for the milk while comforting crying Xiyad, it really feels like hours for the milk to be prepared. HAHAHA!!

In the morning, if he woke up with a satisfying sleep, he will be already bersila on the bed. And after a while he will start feeling uneasy. Meaning he wanna go down. But now, it's more than that. He looks like he's so can't wait to be sent to the nursery. I let him play in the living room first while I take a couple more minutes of nap. But now, it kinda hard to get that few minutes nap. He's cranky and cant sit tight. When I lifted him up in my hands, wahh...he looks so happy!!

I joke with Cembam saying that surely Xiyad has a girlfriend there making him wanna go there so badly. So this one morning after I sent him to the nursery, I found out that I forgot to bring the milk for Xiyad. His nanny has already notified us that Xiyad needs a new tin of milk. So I dropped by before I went to the office. 

Usually I will peek into the nursery from the opened window. There he was, Xiyad sitting in front of the sliding door looking outside with a girl next to her caressing his back!! Hamvoi..The nanny noticed me standing outside looking at him and started to call Xiyad's name. HAMvoiii...he didn't even look. Only the girl was looking at me with her eyes that looks like telling me "eh..kantoi plak". HAHAHAHAH!!!

Hmm..patutlah...Xiyad..Kekacakan tu kadang adalah racun utk dirimu..pelihara la kelebihan yg datang dari genetik ayah tu dengan baik ye...



Masy said…
hahahahahahaha ade miang di sebalik buluh rupanyaaaaa