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Last Friday night after my usual tennis session that was blessed with clear night throughout the play apart of the hundreds spots on the court giving us a heavy worrisome feeling that dear rain might come down anytime as they like, I drove my car towards the usual Mamak restaurant and stopped at the T-Junction traffic light. Shifted my gear to neutral and waiting for the light turned green.

When the light from the opposite side was Yellow and I was preparing myself to hit the throttle, I felt my car moved forward with a BAMPP sound on my rear. I looked through the rear window but couldn't see anything. DAMN!! What was that sound? Then with me half-naked without wearing my shirt coz I just took my bath after the tennis session, I got out from the car and I saw a BUS!! Kissing my Daphne's rear!! D.A.M.N!!

The other buses behind the one that hit my car was honking continuously asking me to move. So I got back in the car and moved 100m ahead and stopped by the road. The bus did the same. A small brown guy emerged out from the bus looking worried and smiled with a burden feeling was saying sorry and explaining that he had tried to hit on the brake many times and how the brake didn't really work properly.

Upon checking no obvious scratched or dent but my rear bumper was falling a bit from it's position. I was hoping that the hook that holding them won't break coz my previous Wira WanHayati had a broken hook for the bumper and I had to hold it by 3 screws that could visibly seen!! This Herman guy looks like a nice guy so I didn't wanna argue much. I asked for his phone number, jotted down the plate number and he promised to pay me.

The best part was he was the one giving me a call the next day asking about the damage. Okay..that's good. On Sunday I took my car to the wielding workshop, the worker adjusted it back but it doesn't look as firm as it used to. There is a small gap that could be seen and the worker said he needs to detach and reattach the bumper properly that would need me to leave the car for at least half day. I asked the estimate labor charge and he said RM100. So I said to the guy that I would be coming back and called Herman asking for RM100. Herman asked for my account number and said on 27th he would get his salary. 

And alhamdulillah this morning while I was dozing off in the KTM Komuter, he called me saying that he has already transferred Rm100 to my account. And the funny part was that he asked for my plate number and said "saja nak cuba nasib bang". DAMN!! He's gonna buy a 4D lottery ticket. HAHAHAHA. Hmm...And I accepted this incident as a nikmat for me the moment I saw the bus on my rear that night.

And on Saturday night last week, I had a company dinner with a theme of Fairy Tales and Legends. I just wore baju melayu, kain pelikat across my body and a songkok that I wore sideway. I was a Pak Kadok!! if they were asking me "who am I".

The other colleagues wore such various kind of outfits. PeterPan, pirates, Romanian warrior, Medusa, Fairy wisps and so many more fairy tale characters. WOWW~~~ The dinner was served one by one starting from appetizer till desert. Magic show, and the best part was the Lucky Draw. Two of my table member were lucky to received a price. 

And I waited and waited till the grand price yet my name was never been heard. Sad~~~ When it came to the first grand prize, an S3 Samsung Galaxy, I made a joke to my fellow table mate. "Jaga la sapa dapat ni kat Parking". And the MC was trying to delay the announcement and when he said "Okay...the initials of this lucky person is H,E,M,Y...Hemy". I was shocked, looked at my friend sitting next to me and pointing my finger on myself repeatedly. And my name was announced!!! WHOAAAAA!!! I shouted gleefully and walked to the stage to take my prize.

 Yeayy!!! I won a Galaxy S3!!! Yeayyy!!! Alhamdulillah!! It was my first lucky draw prize I've ever luck with!!! And then the dinner ended. Went to the Autopay to find out my parking ticket was invalid. I had to circled around up and down to find the security office to take care of it. My words "Jagalah dia kat Parking nanti" that I spouted couple minutes before went back on my face!! Padan muka!!

Well you see, I would like to take these 2 things as a whole story. A nikmat being hit by a bus on my rear comes with another nikmat. I'm not sure whether it was just coincident, but I like to see it this way.



Masy said…
untonglaah hehehe
Irfa said…
argh jeles jeles
mmg bertuah sungguh kamu
selalu dapat towel je.
Kniedaz said…
wah...bestnya..jadi betul la kan setiap yang berlaku itu ada hikmahnya hehehe
HEMY said…
i wud like to believe it that way kniedaz.hehe