First meet with Alya Shaka and Qrisya

This is one hell of a late..friggin late entry that happened during the last Hari Raya Puasa. Hahahaha!! Well, it's due to the Bali entries, then the months of sorrow having problem with my computer, then when the computer is OK, I can't get the pictures out from the external hard disk due to the corrupted power adapter. And..that explains how this entry could only be published today.

Well, better late than never!!

Meet the sweet little Qrisya~~~


Well, I know Alya and his then boyfriend when we were still actively blogging. She resided in Penang couple years back and we have been trying to meet face to face since then. But we never had the chance till she got married with Shaka, even moved to KL and even after they got their first baby...and EVEN EVEN after their baby was already a-year old!! HAHAHAHA


Well, everyone has their things to do, routines to be followed and lives to lead..But after all those years, Alya invited me through FB to her open house. I was so looking forward to come and we finally met!!

Alya, Shaka and Qrisya!!


Who knows these 2 toddlers would be friend in the future =)

 When I walked into her house (the door was left opened), I was kinda nervous if she could tell who I was. But when I heard her saying "Oh Anul"..I couldn't help to smile. 

And those bloggers who called me Anul are those who knows me during my early year of blogging. During the Itching Fingers era!! Hehehe!! Anyway, nice to finally meet you ALya!!


Anonymous said…
Rambut cica nmpk sikitttt giler haha - Alya
Erina Asmawani said…
Comel Qrisya..sebijik muka ayah dia.

Woahh!! Lagi kawan blogging jumpa di alam nyata. Best2!
HEMY said…
rambut xiyad pun apa kurangnya alya

haah erina, ayah dia nye cetakan..lama ni nk tggu dapat jumpa