Xiyad Asytar the strong boy!!


My hard disk that I sent for a warranty replacement is not yet ready to be picked up even after 4x calls that I've made to them. The promise of a-week has turned into the 4th week now. Sigh~~ It's been a while since I last used my desktop. Hoping I can collect it in the soonest time.

 No desktop means no powerful PC, slow picture edit and equals to low motivation of picture editing (==). Malas sangat haaa~~ So the Tanah Lot entry, Nando's and even AWSV TSDAYOUT entries are still pending. Sedey~~

So today's update, I just kodek2 my camera roll folder and saw these 2 pictures worth to be used as today's entry. AHAHAHA!!

Alhamdulillah~~ Xiyad Asytar is recuperating well and quite fast. I do think he's a strong boy because he didn't cry whenever we showered him. Eventhough we were the one feeling so afraid to let the wound wet, but when it got wet, Xiyad was still similing while tapping the toilet bowl cover. Huhuhu. Thanks Xiyad for being such a strong boy.

His hands are just a matter of getting the dried skin to peel off. Sometimes he will sit on his own so preoccupied with peeling them off. So cute!! With his pouting mouth, full concentration!! Oh I didn't manage to take a picture of it because now whenever he sees the Iphone, he's gonna go at me and waiting for me to open either his video, talking tom or the ABC app. 

The biggest wound at his leg is getting dry pretty well. We applied the doc's cream and the gamat oil alternately and alhamdulillah. Kering. Thanks again for all the wishes.

These are his toys when he couldn't really move much because of the wound. Well, he did cope with the wound while putting his leg higher from the ground like a dog taking a piss whenever he wanted to crawl. Sian sangat tengok. So I made him preoccupied by taking out all of his toys and letting him play with them. Which not a really success plan because he kinda easy-bored boy. 

The best I could do is doing the pyramid with the paper cup up there and he went pummeling them down. Huhuhu..Ahhh..and out of the toys up there in the picture, he played with that broken penguin toy!! U see that black n white thing on the bottom left of the picture?? yaa..that one. It used to be a penguin though. Hahahaha!! Xiyad xiyad.

Oh, last weekend I bought his first toy. The rubber ball that will light up flashily whenever it bounce. Yaa that one. His first toy I ever bought for him. HAHAHAHAHA


Kniedaz said…
Anak kecil lebih suka main benda2 yang bukan mainan daripada mainan diorang... ^_^
anwar said…
Kau bwk anak kau ke klinik ummu bandar seri putra? aku dgr.. doktor kat klinik tu bagus ;)
zonaku said…
that 2 small pieces were a penguin??? hhhmmmm.....

Hemy said…
Haah.aku jmp 2 doc.tp dua2 len approach pasal skin burn ari tu
Masy said…
dia tgh pikir yg betulkan balik penguin tu la tu hehehehe
Drama Queen said…
hamoiihhh xiyad, main penyangkut suar kecik ke??? meh sini tolong aunty sidai kain.. hikhik... somel xiyad.. dah sembuh..Alhamdulillah.. swonot aunty tengok xiyad senyum
alhamdulillah dah sihat. anak aku suke main wayar astro,wayar cas hp dan lain2 wayar lagik.huhuhu