Raya haji & birthday xiyad

This year's Aidiladha is Sabak Bernam's turn and it happened to fall under the same day as Xiyad's first birthday!! Yeayyy!!! My in-law family celebrated Raya Haji in Penang this year as they were there since 3 days before to visit my sister in-law who just safely deliver her first precious baby girl Adni Adelia!!! Congrats Along!!! Delivered via normal procedure, she had a mild yellow fever and Along is coping slowly with the motherhood experience apart of her high blood pressure. We pray the best for you Along!!

Here she is, Nur Adni Adelia binti Muhammad Haqqi. Congrats Haqqi & Along again. Welcome to parenthood. After this, Xiyad might have a motivation balik ganu to meet this gorgeous girl. Hehehehe!! 

I've applied for a-week off during the week of deepavali so we could spend the time in Penang visiting Along and take our family time together. Hehehehe!!!

 After Friday prayer, I thought of buyin a birthday cake for Xiyad. As my family is not really a huge fan of cake, a big cake might just gone waste. So I decided to buy an Ice cream cake coz we bought it once and we managed to finish it. After a call with my family, I bought a half-kilo rainbow ice cream cake and 2 birthday hats for Xiyad and Nahdan.

Hahaha!! But there's no way Xiyad wana wear it more than 10 seconds. Hehehehe. In the end, the hats were just torn here and there being a toy for Xiyad. Nahdan was sleeping when I reached home. So Nahdan pun tak pakai the hat. Ahh~~ you all know I'm a forgetful chap right? But last weekend I made my own personal record of forgetfulness. Out of all things, I forgot to bring home my camera!!! WHAT THE HELL. So now you know why I only have these versions of pictures. Hahahaha

Xiyad and the ice cream cake..oh and the hat too

Xiyad's one and only birthday present from Aunty Erina, Amir n Aqil!!! Hehehehe!! Thanks again for the cake Aunty Wafa. Xiyad did try to push the tricycle. The thing is, when he pushed, his legs were left behind at the tyres were on top of his feet..HAHAHA!!! Mana buleh jalan itu macamm~~

Happy birthday anak ayah and emak, Xiyad Asytar. Mom and Dad hope you would grow to be such a nice fella, a nice muslim and a soleh son for us. Love you a lot Xiyad Asytar!!

On Thursday, entah buang tabiat kapeee, I was fasting for the 9th of Zulhijjah. I only fast during Ramadhan ok..so it was really shocking to Cembam and even my mom when I said I was fasting on my way back to hometown. HAHAHA!! I got halfday that Thursday and kicked off from KL at 4P.M.

We stopped at Kuala Selangor for Qasar Asar and as it was already past 6P.M, I decided to fast break at the KFC there. While waiting for the azan, you know what...Xiyad pergi agah this uncle sitting behind him. Bukan pakcik tu agah...Xiyad yang agah pakcik ni.


Ahahahahaha!!! thankfully this uncle layan him and played with him too. Hehehehe!!! Xiyad is such a ramah boy..macam ayah dia..ekekekeke


Erina Asmawani said…
Ahahahaa..comey je Xiyad tegur pakcik tu. Pakcik tu ade anak pompuan kecit kappe?? hahaha..

Oloh comeynye alik kampung pun bawak basikal. Takpe Xiyad, prektis make perfectt! Nanti2 mesti pandai tu. Yang pentig dia dah x fobia dah.

Jumpa nanti di Penang!! :D
Drama Queen said…
comel xiyad... :) smoga sentiasa sejahtera selalu..