He's changed!!

Xiyad Asytar had a flu for the past week. Then the coughing paid him a visit and last Friday his body temp went hight and he had a fever. Hmm..these 3 best friends always pay a visit whenever they got their chance. Although at first Xiyad never had a fever, but since we sent him to the nursery, he's exposed to all kind of illness brought by the other kids and the other way around of course. Had to accept the fact that Xiyad getting ill occasionally is a normal thing now. Sigh~~

Xiyad changed day by day. Of course I realize it because I keep my eyes on him watching him grows up everyday. For the past 1 week, he's as agile as he always is. Walking with the aid of the sofa and whatever he could grab and hold on to. But he didn't talk much..I mean making sounds which only he knows what it means. He played silently and just smiled occasionally. He's playing joyfully in a gloomy way if I were to explain in a sentence.

His morning is quite different now. If usually he would play as he like. Standing, walked and sit every now and then, now he would start the day with crying. Had to try feeding him the milk couple of tries before he actually suck and hold the bottle. Hmmm~~~

If I bring him downstairs and let him sit on the living room, it feels different as well. He would cry slowly while sitting and I don't know what he wants anymore. I could only assume that he wanted to go to the nursery and meet his friends as soon as he woke up and he know that it's already morning. Coz, when I hold him up and walked towards the nursery, he would just stay silent, looking every corners of the world and remain silent when I handed him to the nanny.

He used to make sounds all the way to the nursery or to the grocery store in my hands but now he likes to just stay silent, looking around and if I was lucky, I might hear him "uh" once or twice. Every now and then he would suddenly cry so hard, turning his body here and there and to the extend we almost lose our patience. Like seriously coz we don't know what does he want anymore.

We tried feeding him, he refused. The milk bottle were thrown couple of times and the milk was everywhere on the toto. Now he's already recuperated from his fever but the hard crying remains. Allah~~ what do you really want Xiyad Asytar. Help us here~~~

From my eyes, he became more silent, his playing time is as active as he used to but he's like playing by himself. I would always bug him whenever he is playing but the respond is a bit different though. He's just 1 year old, approaching..and I've already feel how he changed!! I can't imagine how he would grow up and changed a lot. What if he changed to a boy who wont listen to me? Ya Allah~~~ please don't let him be like that. I've tried my best.

I can't imagine how painful my heart would ache in the future to see him 'changed'. Oh Allah. This responsibility as a dad is surely a huge one and please guide me with your mercy and blessing.



Drama Queen said…
He has grown up. Dont worry. I face this once with Dany when he was 1year. So many new things for him to discover and learn.

Try let him watch playhouse disney, all sorts of colorful cartoon will make him start baby talk. And try sit next to him while he watch it. Show him that u r also in his world.

Dont worry that much hemy. He is just a little growing up boy. This changes sometimes happen just a while. Changing age. Be patient and think positive k.
Masy said…
tetibe mcm budak bujang pulak dah Xiyad ni, dah feel abang2 kot.. hehehehe

rilek rilek, nanti2 ade la tu adiknya.. *sambil tepuk bakang xiyad*
Kniedaz said…
Salam Hemy,
Berubah selepas ke nursery ke? For cautious, please check how he's doing there. Maybe the surroundings were different from the house. He's adapting to a new world. Yes, I agreed with Drama Queen..don't let him be with himself too much. Try to be in his world...talk to the tv..makes voices..do some funny faces..anything that can attract his attentions..he's growing and absorbing many things..be happy so he'll be happy too.. ^_^
Parenting has many ups and downs!
Fiza Z. Abidin said…
he is not baby boy anymore...dah nak membesar tu..sabar eh, insy'allah dgn didikan sempurna Allah akan lindungi dia dari benda2 tak elok...

anak aku pun cmtu jugak wpun baru nak masuk 4 bulan..mcm dah nak bermain instead of suka di peluk2..me, as a mother penah merajuk dgn dia ahahah tp husband aku ckp budak takkan selamanya baby, dorang akan membesar...so kita kene lah ikut peredaran waktu membesar dorang :)