The unfortunate event - blame me!!

Last saturday, it was like other normal saturday. Cembam went to school and I was attending xiyad. Cembam asked me to steam the ketupat segera so I could feed xiyad with it and the soup. While waiting, I was preparing habbatus sauda hot drink. I was doing it on the floor because all the sugar and the powder are stored inside the lower cabinet. That was when Xiyad approached me crawling and sat next to me.

I was about to take the hot drink and place it on the desk when suddenly the rice cooker made a CLICK sound signalling that Xiyad's ketupat segera is ready. That is when everything happened so fast. Because of that little click sound, it distracted me completely and made me forgot about that hot drink next to Xiyad!!

I was like "ok Xiyad, jom wat sarapan awak"when I heard Xiyad suddenly shrieking behind me. Sumpah I don't wanna hear that kind of shriek ever again.

When I turned back to Xiyad, the hot drink has already flooded the floor. I hurriedly grabbed Xiyad and took him into the toilet. I don't know what to do in that kind of situation!! I wanna let the cold water run on him but I remembered my science experiment where you can't put a cold water into a hot bottle because it will break the bottle. So instead of having the water run directly on Xiyad, I took the water on my palm, rinsed it and patted it all over Xiyad's body.

The first burst

Then I put him in his bath tub and let it filled up while Xiyad sitting inside of him. I continued patting the areas where I thought affected. I took him out when he kinda cried in pain afraid that I was doing it wrong.  At this moment, I didn't really see how bad it was.

Xiyad kept on crying and I kept holding on him, carried him here and there. He didn't want to be put down. I learned from my previous experience that Xiyad would feel vulnerable whenever he's in pain or cried really hard if you put him down. So I carried him for almost 2 hours. My back started to ache, my waist but everytime I tried to sit, he would started crying back. I really had to stay standing and moving around while carrying him

Then I remembered about applying lotion on a burnt area. So I looked for body lotion in Xiyad's bag but could only found a small bottle which only had it's last drop, only enough for his hands. I remembered on how people apply toothpaste on the burnt area. But this time I hesitated to do it. I don't know what kind of latest ingredient in the toothpaste. It could do more harm to Xiyad. So I didn't do it.

This was when the bubbles on the leg have totally burst. Xiyad suka gesel this leg so the wound got worse.

After 2 hours, the damage was showing it's fang. It was then when I realized that his legs were the one burnt the most. And because Xiyad was 'gesel-gesel' the legs when he was crying, it done more damage towards the area.The hands where at first I thought was OK were now having small bubbles which becoming bigger every minute.

That was when I thought I really need to bring him to the clinic. But Cembam was driving the auto vios to the school leaving manual myvi at home. I couldn't put Xiyad on the carseat in that condition. So I had to text Cembam asked her to come home if her school event has already ended. I texted her that Xiyad kena air panas and she called me to know more. But I just said, "if u can come home earlier then try to do it" and hung up.

So it happened that Cembam had just finished her event and just waiting for the lunch. She came back after a while and we brought Xiyad to the clinic. Alhamdulillah the clinic took him straight into the room without even registering him and applied the cream on the burnt area. The doctor told us not to burst the bubble, applied the cream and came back after 2 days to burst the bubble there.

So that's what we did. At first Xiyad was so cranky coz his habit of sucking his fingers everytime he wanted to sleep is now a taboo. Even during the first hour, he could only suck for 2 seconds and stopped, now there were bubbles on his hands to not letting him do what he is always used to doing. It was really hard for him. We had to block his hands which was covered with the cream everytime he tried to suck his fingers and he would get crankier.

At night, the bubbles became bigger. Xiyad learned himself that he couldn't suck his fingers anymore. So we didn't need to block his hands any longer. It crushed my heart looking at his condition. It was the first time Cembam came into tears for Xiyad when we were in the clinic. 

Even we tried to take care of the bubbles, when the day came, Monday to bring him back to the clinic, the 2 bubbles on the leg, and 1 on his hand were already burst. When we met the doctor, she has a different approach and was asking why it was not burst during the first day and said the bubbled skin should be removed. Oh my Allah. The moment she said that, I was looking at Xiyad's leg and a chill ran down my spine knowing how painful it would be.

Cembam asked me to take over her position to hold Xiyad. She couldn't bear it. And there it went. Xiyad cried really hard when the nurse were removing the bubbled sking from his leg. The doctor didn't remove the one on the hands because she also couldn't bear it plus I did say to her if it's ok to let the skin dried and peel it later, then we don't need to remove them completely.

Xiyad cried really hard and it stung my heart every seconds. I kept on apologizing to him while reciting the dua that I found in the FB earlier for this kind of situation. But once the doctor finished with his leg, he didn't cry no more. 

Doc can't give me MC for taking care of Xiyad. The best was to give me MC on Monday as I've already didn't go to work. So back at home I sent email to my manager, saying how things are on my job, about my son and asked his approval to work from home. Alhamdulillah this morning, the reply was a YES with condition to come at noon if needed for discussion, meeting etc.

So now I'm attending Xiyad like when he was a small baby. Alhamdulillah when I tried to clean up the wound with fresh water and took him for shower, he didn't cry. Thanks Xiyad. And Ayah mintak maaf sangat ek..Ayah tak sengaja...

Eventhough I've been trying to make the house safe for him to roam everywhere, but when it meant to happen, a click of sound made me completely distracted and caused my son to suffer (==)

Thanks for all the prayers, supports and Duas from you guys, dearest friends of mine. Thanks for the warm gestures shown..Thanks


Kniedaz said…
Kesiannya Xiyad...benda dah jadi..xboleh nak buat apa tapi akak tau macamana rasanya kalau jadi macam tu..menyesal tak sudah..mesti banyak sangat "kenapa" dalam kepala...semoga xiyad cepat sembuh...
Masy said…
=_= sabarlah anak, sabarlah ayah.. ini bukti kelemahan manusia, mmg total akan bersandarkan pada ihsan Allah.

moga cepat semboh xiyad! dan encik anul, jgnlah salahkan diri (sangat, sket2 tu biasalah hehehe). org kata kalau mende nk jadi, akan jadi jugak walaupun bkn ko penyebabnye..

chaiyokkk everybodyyy!!
Drama Queen said…
Please read this to Xiyad.

Dear Xiyad,
Aunty shed tears while reading this. Aunty knows how strong you are fighting against the pain at your age. Aunty really hope that Xiyad will heal and recover soon. My prayers and thoughts for you always Xiyad. Ilmu yg Xiyad dapat ni tak akan dapat dimana2 nak... moga membesar dengan sempurna. Allah maha mengetahui akan apa yg tidak kita semua ketahui. Ayah Xiyad dah usaha sebaik mungkin untuk menyediakan keadaan rumah yg selamat, but things happen...for a reason. Moga Xiyad, ayah and ibu semua tabah. Tahan sikit nak, semoga sakit ini surut dengan kasih sayang Allah.

Mok and Cembam.
Tabah. Insyaallah...Xiyad kuat. Aku tahu cmane pedih hati pandang anak bila berlaku dugaan mcm ni. Dugaan datang dari Allah, berhentilah menyalahkan diri mok.. sebab Allah lebih mengetahui.

Panjang pulak komen aku. Aku sedih sgt tgk Xiyad. Hiba. Kalau aku yg tengok gambar ni sedih, apatah lagi Cembam ngan ko. Semoga Xiyad segera sembuh.

Maaf kalo terguris kata, aku tau dlm keadaan ni, ape pun komen dari sesiapa, takkan menyembuhkan luka dihati melihat anak yg merengek kesakitan. Take care the 3 of u.
Erina Asmawani said…
Baca 2nd time baru ley komen.First baca, sebak! Huuu :'(. Tgk muka dia masa tdo tu..alahaiii..

Moga Xiyad cepat sembuh..huuu..xdaya nak tulis panjang2.Mok n Cembam..tabah k. Dugaan Allah ni.Allah menduga insan yg dia syg :)
Hemy said…
Thanks 4 the support gals. Really appreciate it.. All the tweets pn i read each one of them as a support..
zurainah said…
siannye xiyad..cepat sembuh ye nak..
zella y said…
sabar ye....
semoga xiyad cepat sembuh..amin...

syah shah said…
adoi... kita yang tengok pun tak tahan, apalagi yang menanggung... sian Xiyad... Semoga cepat sembuh eh?
zonaku said…
ooo inilah kisahnya...... one thing to remember, it's called accident, nobody wish for it, but it did happen.

x apa, ini ujian n pengajaran pada korang. pengalaman untuk my cheeky boy jugak. jgn terlalu rs bersalah, bukan ko berniat nk simbah air panas pd dia.. juga dah buat y terbaik untuk dia.

moga cepat sembuh, lps ni silap2, x der dah hisap jari rock. he may be developing new habit.

jugak korang lps ni blh bagi nasihat n petua untuk lain2 new parents, especially famili sdr n memuahs. blh jugak buat 2-3 entry pasal emergency burnt treatment at home.

look at the bright side of this accident.... there are a lot more to learn.
kak cik akira said…
semoga cepat sembuh xiyad. nanti kita main sama2 lagi eh bila xiyad dah baik, ajak ayah dengan mama jumpa kak cik kat gerai pisang goreng. nanti kita belanja awak makan, nyam nyam! :)

anwar said…
Hemy said…
Mekasih everyone for the warm wishes n prays
nurul hidayah said…
ya allah kesiannya xiyad.. :(
sakit ni.. T__T
semoga xiyad cpt sembuh ye!
aku plak sedih tgk xiyad. takpa.xiyad kan baby yang kuat.semoga cepat sembuh kay. auntie ada beli baju utk xiyad ni.
~wAniE~ said…
siannya anak ko hemy...
sedih tengok..
Yan Saflina said…
Moga cepat sembuh baby..:)
Yan Saflina said…
lol..baru perasan entry ni 2012 punya...hope baby sihat sekarang..:D

**terjumpa gmbr ni di google terus klik nak tengok entry..salam perkenalan.
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