I'm kinda OK now

Salaam everyone~~

First of all I wanna say thanks to everyone!! Ayah's friends whom are so loving, caring and kept praying for me. Some doesn't even know me yet offered to look after me if they are around during my trial. It's indeed ayah's fault *jeling jelir lidah* but I know Ayah would never meant it to happen. If not, he would never help me get off from the stairs when I was so scared and didn't know how to climb down myself.

Ayah and Mom are so concern and particular in tending my wounds. Whenever I tried to suck my fingers, their hands were everywhere stopping me from doing it. What's the big deal? I couldn't suck them when I had this huge bubble on them. But now it's not there anymore what. I heard them saying "x payah la isap jari..luka lagi jari tu". Ayah, being his funny self even jokingly said "allah dh bagi tangan terbakar pun nk isap jari lagi". JAHAT AR AYAH NI...binci!! *jeling iphone ayah*

My biggest wound on the leg looks better now. The wound is dry. Ayah and mom will alternately applied the cream given by doc and the gamat oil each time they clean the wound. It hurts!! But I can only cry to express the pain. And everytime i cried, their faces look paler than normal and they wud try their best to make me stop crying..so cute

Ayah wud hurriedly built a pyramid-like thing using a stack of paper cup to lure me and let me forget the pain. Eventhough I wud just swoop the pyramid paper cup to nothing with my hand, ayah wud keep built it up again an let me swoop them again n again. And it works everytime. I forgot my pain n i started to grin. So cunning ayah ekk..

I miss my shower time. Ayah wud just use a wet towel and clean me up especially the neck area as I have some rash on it. Ayah wud then apply a cream on it. I feel fresh again and not itchy anymore. Thanks Ayah!! But i miss my shower time slapping the toilet bowl cover. Heehehe

But the best thing about all of this, i could spend more time with ayah. He would lie next to me and pat me when i have my milk. When i opened my eyes the next hour, he wud still be next o me..awesome..I guess everything happened for a reason. But i still wanna suck my fingers!! *evil grin*

thanks again aunties, uncles, grandmas for ur prayers!! Love u all and may Allah bless yr good intentions towards me. Ma'as salamah *eh tetobe tau arab* . Bye!! I wanna play with ayah an his iphone!!


Masy said…
'so cute' kata xiyad ke mak ayah dia ye.. mmg tak ah hahahaha

orait xiyad, cepatlah baik - nanti kite nk gi piknik ni.. haaaaaaa ayuh!
Drama Queen said…
LOL. kemain xiyad. cakap omputes pastu cakap arab. wuwuw.

xiyad cepat sembuh, nanti kita gi piknik hokey...hoyeh!
Kniedaz said…
to dearest xiyad,
now is the time for you to manja-manja lebih sikit... ^_^
Bapak said…
get well soon xiyad!
so cute to nmpk sgt bapak puji diri sendiri.

alhamdulillah xiyad dah semakin ok.

nnt jumpa kat piknik kay!!!