Bali Trip Memuah - the departure

What the fart?? Zonaku update dulu entri? unbilivebel!!! apa malam tadi dia mimpi jard gigit hidung dia smpi terasa2 besi yang tak berbunyi bila discan tu pas bangung tidor, horror sangat smpi terus up entri? Ahahahahaha!!!

Well, Alhamdulillah..finally we managed to have a nice trip to Bali, a-year waiting trip which has been discussed and planned countless times. All the previous plan of how to go to the LCCT were scrapped. Masy, Jard n Bella went there by themselves, and for us, Wafa and Iyan. we were sent there by Atan (Beruwang). Thanks a lot Atan for sending n fetching us there!!

When we arrived there and gathered for the first time, looking at Jard with her Deuter bag pack and another pink bag on her chest, the only thing came out of my mind at that time was BUMBLEBEE!! Ahahaha!! seriously Jard looks like an autobot though!! Masy, maintain je..Bella..errrr...MCD memang best kalau nk rally tunggu orang kan? --> Ubah topik

Then I straight went to the counter to check in myself and added Xiyad as my infant. Printed the boarding pass and waiting for Zonaku to arrive so we could check-in our luggage. After a while waiting, Zonaku approached us and we went to the luggage counter. I brought Xiyad there but then turned back to McD for his milk after asking the staff that the stroller does not have to be check-in with the luggage if we want it that way. OK

Then Masy n Zonaku back from the luggage counter saying that we exceeded 3kgs and Masy had to carry her luggage as a hand luggage. Sorry Masy. Xiyad diutamakan, montok diketepikan. Then cut story short, we departed the plane after the usual air asia delay. As the plane was not fully occupied, we were free to choose where to seat.

At first Xiyad and I swapped our seats with Jard and ended up next to an Irish couple. The Irish girl was a soft spoken girl whom played for a while with Xiyad before Xiyad pinched her arm. Ahahaha. Well, it caused her to rub the spot though. Then we switched to a vacant seat in front. We lied Xiyad down after pulling up the arm rest. But somehow the Irish girl stumbled upon our seat from the back causing one of the arm-rest to dropped right on Xiyad's forehead. Hahaha..Xiyad shrieked a bit from his sleep and the girl was making a sorry face. Kekeke.

Alhamdulillah other than holding Xiyad when he was so hyper, the rest of the journey was a smooth one.

Looking at this pic, aku percaya la Masy kata dia lagi ringan dari Bella.

We reached Ngurah Rai Denpasar airport around 10P:M after all the immigration clearance, the luggage collection and etc. Emerging out from the arrival hall, there was a sea of people waiting for their friends, relatives or clients with signboards of names everywhere. I scurried one time looking for a signboard with MEMUAH BLOGGER on it but to no avail. So I put my bag against one of the pillar, asked Cembam to wait there with Xiyad and went back in to find it.

And at last!! I found Ieron, our supir with the signboard!! Jard was wanting to take a photo of him holding the sign. Hahaha!! Nah aku lukis je wat ganti. Hahahahaha!!!


Ieron was a dark guy which really resembles Balinese perfectly as I've imagined. Hehehe!! I shook his hand and he carried some of our luggage to a spot so we could wait them to fetch their Avanzas. I rode with Madi, Ieron's friend in another car with Wafa and Iyan. We first drove Wafa n Iyan to their hotel. We discussed a bit on the tentative. Ieron scratched one of the place in the list saying very few tourists went there because it is too far away. Okay. And he swapped the first day tentative with the 2nd one saying that we should cover the nearest place first. Okay then!!

Then we arrived at Sanur Avenue, our hotel which is just a few minutes away from Wafa's. The lady asked for my voucher, but I didn't print them. She's OK with it and just asked for my identification card...the one with holes on it. Hahahaha!! 

Bella was so excited, dia gi masuk bilik aku. Hamvoi..kaver skit ada Cembam nih. Hahahahaha!!! We found that our rooms were so satisfying!! Vast and clean. Our bed was a big one. Xiyad so happy landing on it. The only spoiler was at Masy, Bella, Jard n Zonaku's room which the toilet doesnt have a door. Just a curtain covering it. Oh..aku ada cek out the curtain time Masy tengah mandi. Ada la nmpk di sebalik curtain tu lembaga itam melintas gitu2. 

Their room was originally for 3, but the management seems to be OK with Bella being the forth person. No question!! and the best part, they even served us as a 7-person meal. Dah la termasuk Bella, dimasukkan sekali Xiyad. tak best la our hotel. Kau hadooo??

First night, Xiyad overdose apa ntah or maybe culture shock dpt borak pegang2 mat salleh blonde..tak tidur2 smpi 1A:M!!! He was laughing every now and then, panjat sana sini. Zzzzz..pastu when he finally slept, tengah malam he would awoke crying like 3-4 times. We attended him dengan mamai2 gitu. Hahahahaha!!! be continued!!!!


❀aRaBeLLa❀ said…
fine..ko nak cakap aku dah gemuk nak kena pose 2 bulan kot baru turun balik berat..grrr

anyway aku masuk bilik ko tu sebab nak amik beg2 aku hoccay..
Masy said…
oi oiii aku mandi melunjur dlm bath tub, mane ade nampak melintas2. hawau nye budak hahahaahhahaha
HEMY said…
hahahahaha..go bella!!! amboi 2 bulan puasa tu. tu kalu btol tekad nk buat kena wat kifarah, kompem 2 bulan terpaksa gak puasa

hahahahaha!!! melunjur yeee masy
zonaku said…

patut liat bgn pagi si Xiyad tu.... mlm dok mimpi minah omputeh rupanya
syah shah said…
masa tu bukan masa packed dengan tourist kot, tu pasal dia relaks je.. :D

cepat cepat cepat apdet lagi~
Jard The Great said…
hahaha... ohh... usha bontot org jugak ye. ingatkan usha saiz kaki jeee.......