Xiyad Asytar - feeling ill is not good

xiyad asytar

It appears that Xiyad has been in his feverish mode for a month now. A first-timer feverish boy who has been consuming the medicine for the past month due to his On and Off fever. There was a time when he was completely recuperated so it seems, but somehow the next day his body felt warm and the day after that, he's back with his hot body.

We have been seeing the doctor twice. An-Nur and Az-zahrah. We really worried of his lungs condition because his coughing doesn't really stop for good. Plus he didn't vomit anymore to let the 'kahak' out. But Alhamdulillah upon checking the doctor said he was fine and prescribed us a new bottlle of coughing syrup and a droplet medicine for his nose if he had a nose-block (betul ke gini orang panggil?).

Last week he looked just fine trying to climb the stairs, climbing us everytime we lie next to him and once in a while will hit his head on the floor when he lost his balance while climbing. Haishh. But then when we balik kampung last weekend, he was so cranky starting Sunday morning, his fever was back and we had to take a good care of him again.

Mom was worried so do us but we were convinced that he would be OK as we have just consulted the doctor a week before. Yesterday, I advised Cembam to take M.C as Xiyad was not feeling well and his body was hot. So Cembam stayed home, gave him his medicine and monitor his progress. Alhamdulillah around noon he's back to normal, playing hard here and there climbing everything he could. So Cembam didn't bring her to the clinic.

Even after Iftar he was OK and but he went to bed around 12A.M in the computer room next to me. Cembam already went to bed. Around 1.A.M he's still OK, I brought him upstairs, made him his milk and gave him his scheduled fever medicine. But after that he started to get cranky. His body was hot again, he kept crying and crying and we couldn't sleep at all. We took turn comforting him and at the end when he drank the water he felt a bit OK, we can put him on his mattress and he began to sleep slowly. But not that breezily as we were still awaken up by his cry every now and then and I would pat him or feed him milk everytime he cried.

Only around 3:30A.M he finally slept like a rock..huuu~~~ Alhamdulillah. During this times, I would really love to help a superpower where I can transfer his illness to me thought. Seeing my boy crying really hard trying to tell us what went wrong when we could only try to guess and try to make him feel better is a heart-broken moment.

I really hope he would be fully recuperated before Hari Raya. Please Allah..we beg you for his healthy. So far from my observation, he would get cranky and demam when he was at my parents' house. Hmmmm


Masy said…
harap2 masa raya ni xiyad sihat jelah ye.. skrg ni cuaca cam x menentu dgn panas dgn jerebu. haiisshh
HEMY said…
tulah...sian dia berterusan demam gitu
zonaku said…
kesian ensem boy ni....

moga cepat sembuh ye