Thank you Erina, Amer n Aqil!!

Remember when those 3Ms (Manje, Montok & Mulus) and the rest went for a trip to KK? I had actually planned with Erina to visit her hometown at Muar while having a feast with the local fruits there. But the plan was thwarted due to an opportunity of becoming a replacement teacher that was offered to Erina. She had to sort stuffs and eventually the plan was cancelled. 

But at the end, it appears that the one-to-be-replaced is not actually delivering her baby in the soonest notice and even up till now the offer was not finalized. And Erina decided to turn it down and focus to her housemaid career woman objective. Hehehehe.

So due to this, I didn't manage to satisfied my hunger to those rambutans, mangosteen and durians. But somehow this morning I saw  Erina's status that she was currently at her hometown so I dropped her a message saying I wana them fruits.

And..and..and...(buat gaya dak MC 5 hari)..Erina really brought some rambutan and duku for me!!! O my godddd~~~ *pout pout, peace sign on cheek* Thank you so much Erina, Amer n Aqil!!

The happy family 

Erina said Aqil was sleeping when they were at my house. Aqil now sleeps in a carseat I assume?

 They really tried to squeeze sometimes to de tour from their original normal going back to KL to stop by at my house!! Appreciate it so much!! *Nanges*. Unfortunately I was working as one of the Federal Territory's workers!! If not I can surely take it from them at the toll exit near my house. Cembam was at home to receive the warm sedekah from them.

During Fast-break I was digging into them as my first thing to eat and Cembam even nganjing saying "kempunan betol ayah awak xiyad". Ahahahaha!! I did buy 3kgs of rambutan last week. But not that fresh. The next day, there were already few of them that could not be eaten.

Then after cembam finished her meal, she started to enjoy the duku. And suddenly she nganjing me again "Xiyad, ayah awak dok jeling2 mak ni takut sangat abeh duku dia"..hamvoiii..tak sayang copex nampak..Hahahaha!! I so wana finish them tonight but afraid due to fasting, my stomach cant handle them. Plus macam nk demam sket, have to be careful. I dont mind at all, but afraid Xiyad gonna catch the fever pulak.

So again thanks Erina, Amer n Aqil...Mmuuahh!!! mmuuahhh!!!! 







Masy said…
ade plak elemen mc 5 hari.. demmit hahahahhahahha!!
Erina Asmawani said…
U r most welkem! hehehe..itulah, kesian kan. Kalo tak dah bersukaria kita di kebun buah haritu. Takpelah, tahun depan kalau de rezeki musim buah lagi jangan segan silu dtg ok.

Hahahahha..kena nganjing ngan Cembam baik punye. Masa sampai rumah ko tu Aqil dah tdo, mmg plan nak buh dalam carseat tapi memula perjalanan dia nak ngempeng pulak, lepas ngempeng terus terido kat atas pangku.Tu yang tak dapat turun masa hantar buah tu.

Ingatkan Cembam nak kuar jumpa aku sekali rupanya tak. Hahaha. Aku je yg dah terexcited sorang2 sengih dalam kete. Xiyad tido rasanya masa tu.It's ok. I paham.Hehehe

Papepun harapnya ko sukalah pemberian kami yg x seberapa tu. Makan lah sampai terberak kuar buah2han tempatan. Hahaha

Memuah yg lain, nnti jomlah ke kampung saya ye :)
HEMY said…
Erina...cembam baru bangun tido tu...aku dpt call tu korg dh smpi..dia tgh mamai blur bagai gi amek tudung kt atas..huhu

mmg suka sangatlah ..mekasih lagi skali