Xiyad's first fever!!!

Cembam took a day MC last Thursday because of mild fever and flu. Due to that she didn't send Xiyad to the nursery and looked after him by herself. And that was the slight mistake I think. Cembam recuperated but unfortunately Xiyad got the fever n the flu from her. On Saturday, Xiyad started to act crankier than usual especially during the night sleep. He always sucks his fingers when he wants to doze himself off. But because of the flu, he couldn't breathe properly while sucking his fingers so he got so cranky and keep crying in that sleepy eyes. So pity. We had to pat him every now and then and wiped his nose.

We gave him the flu and fever syrup that we got before. But Xiyad now knows how to deflect the syringe and keeps struggling to get off of my lap. I had to hold him to let him drink his medicine. To the extent, I had to push it in when he was crying and it made him coughing as some of the fluid would enter his throat directly because of that. Haishh

Xiyad's temperature was normal on Sunday when we brought him to Cembam friend's wedding in Taman Maluri. It was held at Masjid Imam Shafie. I played tennis early in the morning, reached house at 12 noon, took a nap couple of minutes while Cembam getting ready and around 1P.M, we went towards the venue.

The bride and the groom were not yet arrived when we reached there. So I took turn with Cembam to have our lunch. The food is sooo delicious!!! While Cembam ate first, I kept on wiping Xiyad's nose and he shoved away my hand. He really hates it when we wipe his nose, Hamvoi!!!

While waiting for my turn, I saw a guest having an ABC. So my eyes scan the entire place to find the ABC station. Spotted!! And here I was waiting for my ABC bowl. Hehehehe!!!

Budak berhingus~~

I finished my meal around the time the bride and groom were having their makan beradab. We greeted the couple and I took photos of Cembam and them but it's in my camera and not yet transferred. So I don't have the picture for now. Huhu.

Then,  I took my ablution outside of the mosque, took Xiyad with me and lie him down on the carpet inside the mosque. He stopped being cranky somehow and I could perform my prayer. The interesting thing about this mosque is the 2 huge fans installed inside the prayer hall. Not huge fans that collect your pictures and try to kiss you when they spotted you!!! Fans as the one that create wind!! Hahaha!! See that picture above..hugee~~~

When we arrived at the kenduri, Cembam realized that we forgot to bring Xiyad's stroller!! Ate how can we go for shopping?? Huwaa..I was the one carrying Xiyad into the car earlier and cembam was the one lodging some stuffs into the bonet. I was usually the one doing so and would usually remember about the stroller. But not this time. So, when we reached alamanda, I took the shopping wheel-cart, put the carseat inside it along with Xiyad. Taraaa!!! Hahahaha!!!

But we were not allowed to bring the cart into Parkson!!! DAMN!!! Cembam had to wait outside when I hurriedly chose a pair of slack pant. I bought 2 long-sleeve shirts which were sold outside of the premise. I choose 2 designs, costs me RM41 each and Cembam was happy with the fabric time (as she was complaining earlier not to choose the one that is hard to be ironed)

After finished with Parkson, Cembam suggested to go to the clinic. Xiyad was sleeping unsoundly and when I checked him out, his temperature was kinda higher than when we first arrived. We canceled the other shopping intention and went straight out. Err but we still dropped by at Camel's road show to buy me a new shoe. Cost me RM96, paid and leaved the place.

Xiyad with his coolfever patch getting hyped up after something was inserted through his anus!! hahahaha!!!

An- Nur clinic was closed. So we went to Az-Zahrah, waited for almost an hour. We took turn folding Xiyad in our arms as he was really cranky, tears  welled in his eyes and he would only stop crying inside our arms-fold. And he wanted us to move/walk too. It was his first real fever though. All this while, we gave him the fever syrup when we 'felt' he's gonna catch a fever though. So we did all he wanted yesterday to make him sleep and stopped crying.

Finally our turn, we went inside the doctor's room and he prescribed a medicine that was meant to be put inside Xiyad through his anus. Ohhh~~~ It was our first time. The nurse taught us how to do it by ourselves (of course I would be the one doing it 4 sure. The baton has been passed to me by Cembam the moment she heard about it). Right after the medicine was put inside him, Xiyad was replenished!!! On our way home inside the car, he was standing, clapping his hands and singing!!! Hamvoii!! Reached home, he was like in a mission to qada' the lost hours that he was so weak and kept playing, here and there. So energetic even during his meal!!! Memang qada' betol.

He played with me, bite my nose 3 times!!!! and then suddenly he slept by himself. But just for a while. Then he started getting cranky because of his flu. He vomited. Then Cembam took him to bed, I was asleep in front of the TV watching Federer vs Murray Final Wimbledon when it was 1A.M, I heard Xiyad's cry, Federer led the game 2-1. Turned off everything, went upstairs and ready for Xiyad's medicine. He would surely struggle himself out if we give him the medicine. He knows what syringe would come with!!!  So I prepared 1oz milk, put the medicine syrup inside and let him drink it. Alhamdulillah he didn't notice the taste and finished the milk+medicine. Then made another 1oz milk for the other medicine. Alhamdulillah, he consumed all the medicine successfully and he managed to sleep till morning with less crying.

This morning I repeated the milk+medicine routine before sending him to the nursery. Hope he would recuperate asap and gets healthy again!!! Penat woh time dia demam!! Pity him!!


Masy said…
klu idong tersumbat tu bole try sedot ingos - pakai mulot ko la tapi. bapak aku dulu buat : kulum air sesiap, pastu sedut ingos kt idong, pastu ludah la balik seme2 tu. kot ade rejeki ko, ade potensi tertelan. hahahahahahhaha

moga cepat semboh Xiyad!
(Xiyad pandang aku - krik krik krik)
HEMY said…
ada aku nk try smlm sebab tak betah tgok dia macam tu..tp dia nye struggle tuh..mmg payah la nk wat gitu