The Papaya that jumped out from the bag and survived!!

It's the 7th day of fasting..a week has passed without we even realized it that much huh? The routine is the same up till yesterday. Going straight back from the office, reached home, play with Xiyad, helped with small things in the kitchen and sometimes I doze for a while or had my PC time.

Yesterday evening I intended to replaced my Wardina's rear signal light that have already broken since weeks before. I need it fixed because my life is depending on it. The cars and other road users need to be able to see my signal light when I shift lane and take a turn. But I asked the 2 workshops near my area and both said they don't have any stock. (==)

So 2 days before, I asked this workshop after I bought bubur lambuk from a stall and he said the same thing but he promised to order it for me and in return I would come back tomorrow to install it. Hence, I went there yesterday but I could't get into the workshop because it was pasar evening yesterday. The stalls blocked the entrance and I don't really know how I can get into the other side. I postpone it to today la taukeee~~~

So alang2 I've stopped at the night market, I bought some veggies, rambutan and papaya for Xiyad. Unfortunately in the middle of my 2Km journey home from the market, suddenly the plastic around my left handle was waving...Aik?? What's missing. And I realized the papaya is missing!!! Huwaaa!!!

I took a U-turn and traced the opposite road slowly but I couldn't find the papaya until I reached back the market. Haihh..alang2 my niat was to buy Xiyad the papaya, I bought another one. This time I asked the tauke to double up the plastic bag.

And on my way back I spotted the papaya and my gloves that I put inside the torn plastic bag. Parked by the road and collected them back!! So lucky!! The papaya remained intact. It just rolled nicely to the side. So at the end I brought back 2 big papapya that cost me RM10 but Xiyad refused to eat any!!! Hahahahaha!! Damn u Xiyad..penat2 ayah patah balik beli cari.

Hahahaha nevermind la. He even refused the porridge. Don't know why. But gladly after Iftar before I went to surau for Isya' and Terawih..he ate the whole porridge that Cembam made on my lap. Hmmm..makan pun..baik anak ayah~~~

Tonight??!!! Iftar with Memuah!!!!! Arghhh!!! Why didn't I create a poster for it last night!!! See u guys tonight!!!

 I got this feeling~~
That tonight's gonna be a good night~~~
That tonight's gonna be a good night~~~
That tonight's gonna be a good good night~~~


Masy said…
toniiiigghhtttt we areeee youuunggggggg