Settled!! My Kwsp withdrawal request is now processing~~

What a yawny morning.. Huahhhh (++)

I think it's almost 6 months I've lived in my home that I bought last year. An impulsive decision that went surprisingly well and smooth. Cembam and I had our own role and Alhamdulillah we leave happily up till now. Well, putting aside the leaking piping in the kitchen and the wire trip of the outdoor lights. Other than that, we are doing just fine (^^).

I had to borrow my SIL's saving money for the 10percent down payment. 6.5% to be exact. The 3.5% was from Cembam's saving. It was then that I learned, there's no way you can use solely your kwsp money to buy a house. You really NEED your own money for the lawyer fees and the down-payment. That's because the KWSP can only be requested for withdrawal once you have paid the 10% down-payment to get all the relevant documents. 

I've intended to do all the necessary procedures asap and pay back the money since months ago. But unfortunately the amount in my Tabung 2 was less than what I should pay her back. Luckily my SIL doesn't really in need for the money to be paid soonest, so I waited until last month to make it enough.

My working hour is a flexi one but I'm used to coming at 8A.M. So I've already informed my colleague that I would be a bit late. I sent Xiyad at 7A.M sharp and when I was about to leave home, it was dark and not long after that it rained heavily. Had to stop to put on my raincoat and continued towards Hentian Kajang. There were only 4 person including me when the door was finally opened.

Went to the counter, the officer checked the relevant documents and it appeared that I need to have a photocopy of my Loan approval letter and my bank statement. Aiyak..Fortunately, there are few photocopy shops around the area. But how about my bank statement?

While waiting my Loan approval letter being copied, I discovered the bank statement that I printed out for my loan application way back on June 2011. I just had to try my luck. I thought they gonna need the latest statement but when I handed it to the officer, he accepted it. OH yeah!!!!

10 minutes at the counter, chit chatting about the arising house price with the lady officer, the broken IC and some queries about KWSP, the last thing I had to do was to put down my thumb on the form and it's now safely being processed within 2 weeks!! Yea!!! Alhamdulillah. A smooth one.

How to withdraw your KWSP for home financing?
Ok..for those who are in the middle of applying, things that you need to bring are (for mine I bought the house from a person);

1. Photocopy of your IC in one page
2. Your photocopy of SNP. Please bring the original as well
3. Your photocopy of Loan approval letter - Bring the original as well
4. Your bank statement
5. Surat sekatan tanah - for Bumi's lot
6. The KWSP withdrawal form that is filled up using only BLACK pen.

That's all about it!!


syah shah said…
tahun depan, insyaAllah.. tima kaseh for the info.. :D
HEMY said…
wah..moga dimudhkn urusan ko amiiinn
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