Friday with the sun rise from the east still

Assalamualaikum... Salam Jumaat everyone!!

Managed to arrive 7:57A.M at the office after I kicked off from my home around 7:15A.M. The traffic today is awkwardly a bit smoother than the rest of the days this week. When I exit into Sri Petaling and took the MEX exit couple of KMs after that, I kinda feel like

"Is today Saturday? I overslept and sleep for 2 whole nights? Seriously?"

Coz usually the exit will have cars queuing to enter the MEX highway and I need to squeeze myself carefully on the left side of the road. But today I don't have to do that!! That's KL for you!! If you are stuck in the jam, you'll curse but when you miraculously had a nice smooth journey you still curse coz you dont know why!! Why the fart it's so smooth!!! o0o!! Hahahaha!!


The best part coming so early to the office for this new job is I get to go home early as well. Once arrived, I will play with Xiyad to my heart content. He's more cheerful when Cembam fetched him from the nursery to compare with when she fetched him from Kak Ida. Huuhuhu...

He can't sit on his own yet.

He doesn't hold his milk bottle and drink by himself yet.

He doesn't crawl yet.

Hahahahaha!! But I'm entertained enough when he would come all the way from the kitchen (provided that he was not in the middle of playing with the yellow slippers) when I called his name, he looked at me and I just lie there covering my face with the small pillow. Yes!! he would drag himself to come at me and get rid of the pillow from my face.


He didn't really chuckle or smile pun sometimes. But as of now, he would come all the way just to remove that pillow. How adorable is that!!! This weekend gonna be maintenance weekend. Gonna send my car to check the sound from the left tyre, wanna wash the cushion (hope it's a blazing weekend) and do some shopping!!! I need a new working shoe. The sole that I'm currently wearing now, boleh masuk air!! I'm gonna chase the deadline bebeh!!


Masy said…
"He didn't really chuckle or smile pun sometimes". sure buat muka krik krik krik la tu. hahahahah comel Xiyad!
HEMY said…
hahaha..di sengeh je..yela ingat dia mai ngesot jauh2 nk buang bantal kasi nmpk muka aku bhacaakkk tu nk gelak kan..tapi tak
Erina Asmawani said…
hahaha..memang comel la Xiyad. Dapat imagine dia wat camne..adoila, terasa cepat diorang ni memebsar, nanti sure kita rindu masa dia baby2..huhuhu
HEMY said…
hahah..tu lah...sebab tu tak pe pun dia lmbt merangkak ke apa ke sume tu...biar puas aku tgok dia membesar