It's the first day working while wasting for all of us!! Or maybe most of us. How you guys rolling?? Still the same you with the nescafe next to you or just 70% of the usual you? Hehehehe!!!

Our first ramadhan is celebrated at my hometown Sabak Bernam. The Friday night was a lazy night. I spent time playing with Xiyad and dozed off after maghrib until around 10P.M!! Cembam was waiting for me because I said to her earlier we gonna perform Isya' n terawih together. She did try to wake me up couple of times.

So at the end around 10:30P.M we finished our Isya' prayer. I looked at the watch and I don't think we would make it if we perform terawih.

"Mcam dah lambat la. Nak gi makan lagi, nak balik sabak lagi"

So we missed our first terawih because of my sleepy head :[~

Then we dined at a restaurant just near our house. The usual one was closed, so we picked the one that looked 'vacant'. And there's always a reason why some restaurant do not have many customers. We had to wait for almost an hour for our dish. I thought of looking for other place but we wanted to save time. We waited and waited and finally the dish arrived before us.

Ini budak mau sahur sama~~ 

Last night we kicked off from Sabak right after Iftar. Cembam wanna iron her clothes and mine and prepared for our sahur, so leaving sabak later than that is not a wise option. And we were grateful for taking off early because when we reached Tanjung Karang, we caught in the traffic jam (=.=).

We arrived home at 11:15PM. Xiyad continued his sleep in the living room while I lied on the sofa. Cembam said if I wanna go to bed, bring him along. I didn't really plan to doze off, but I did. I woke up around 12:30A.M, carried Xiyad to bed, performed Isya' and went to sleep.

Ahh~~ I'm still waking up during the night and will quickly secured the bed area trying to stop Xiyad from falling down from bed (+.+). I would wake up 3-4 times while impulsively went to the corner of the bed 'blocking'. Only then I would realize Xiyad is soundly sleeping next to me. Hahahaha!!

During Sahur we have to bring Xiyad down because if he woke up while we were downstairs, surely we would hear a loud THUD from upstairs. But Xiyad awoke when he heard noises from the kitchen while Cembam preparing our sahur. So, he joined us in his walker. hehehehe.

This morning, he was still soundly asleep. It was already 7:20 and I had to carry him in that sleep mode and brought him to the nursery. Sian~~ He woke up on the way though. 


Erina Asmawani said…
olohh..comeynya xiyad. Terserlah muka baru bangun tido. Ingus2 lagi..huu.

x sampai ati kan nak anta anak gi bs time dia tgh tdo. huuuu