My last day in NGA Malaysia

I'm waiting for the next briefing session with a sleepy eyes even 4 someone who didn't watch the final euro. Well, been a while since the last time i had to reach the office at 8a.m

My official day was last Friday after my early release was approved by my manager. There's no farewell party and not even an email from me saying my goodbye to all as everyone b4 me did. Well that's becoz the HR email mentioned not to do so..i just obeyed though.

I wanna take picture with everyone i knew but kinda awkward. They wud usually say "mcm la dh x jumpa lg" kan. So I just snapped some photo that I could manage.

I even wanna take picture with Ai Bee the HR manager whom interviewed me when I was about to join the company but really heaitant to ask someone else snap it for me. So i just had a casual bubbye chat with her and jokingly said "please dont throw away my cv if u see it in the future.hahaha

I love being in arinso which is now known as northgateArinso. The environment is not hectic like other consulting company and if there's an opportunity to work in NGA again, I wud be happy to do so.

The friends I met and made wud always be a friend of mine in the outside world. Thanks for the 5 years and 7 months stay!!!


Carbonara said…
Ishhh kalau aku tau last day ko, mesti dah ajak gi lunch dah...
HEMY said…
huhu NGA kata jgn anta kat NGA MY yg ko dh resign..not a practice encouraged aku tak anta emel pape lah