Kids vomit to get better

Xiyad has never been ill or had a fever since he was born. He didn't experience the yellow fever. Perhaps because my effort putting him 2 meters from the sliding room letting him bathing with the morning sunrise everyday for a week. Alhamdulillah.

He never had a fever too untill 2 weeks ago. He's recuperated from the fever but the coughing and the running nose are still not fully gone. I had to give him 3 syringes of fever, coughing and flu medicine. To give him 1 is already a heart-break!!

But now that his fever is gone, I just have to give him the other 2. Well, he took it nicely. I mean right after I pumped it into his mouth, he didn't spit it out back. But he keep struggling when it's about to be pumped into him. Hahaha..sian Xiyad.

This is the boy who is now master of deflection, dodging and escaping. His Mom always become the victim from mental breakdown and he got away cunningly. Hehehehe

He's yet to sit on his own~~ Why would he wana sit by his own when he can lean against his fluffy dad (fluffy la sangattttt)

Xiyad's behaviour is changing..well that's from what we observe. He doesn't drink as much milk as he used to. Most of the time he would shove away the bottle even after we tried couple of time telling him "it's milk, Ayah medicine added". Huhu. He also eats less now. The porridge is prepared less than usual for this 2 weeks as he didn't manage to finish it like he did before.

He's getting better with the walker. Maybe he won't be crawling?? Like my sis back then. From dragging herself straight to walk. No crawling experience!! Huhu...

I just know that when a toddler is having a cough, he would vomit to get rid of the 'kahak' because he doesn't know how to do it like us adults. At first I was a bit panic to see him vomitting couple of times, but when I saw him feeling more comfortable each time he vomitted, I know that that's how it works. So now I'm used to it. When he started to cough, I've already in standby with a towel in my hand.

Hope he would perfectly get rid of the flu and the coughing by this week


zonaku said…
batuk aku x sure, tp rakyat d rumah ni, kalau runny nose, letak kunyit kat hidung dia... kering cepat la gak

it's ok, nak merangkak ka, skip ke jalan trs ka.. asal sihat. sara dah blh berdiri ni, belum atur langkah ja lagi.
Intan Saleh said…
doktor mana bg anak ko ubat batuk n selsema tu? 'terbaik' ah.

btw, flu bukan selesema in english. harap maklum.