From a complaint to a marriage!!

Whuuuhuuu brrrr~~~~~

My 2nd day riding along the plus highway coming from sri putra (that's like the border of nilai!) towards KLCC. It's such a coollld journey even the gloves can't defend themselves from the chilling wind that penetrates thn giving a numb feeling after almost an hour ride. My thin slack bottom is even worse. My dick is like being covered by a mint whip cream!! Having to come at 8a.m is surely something that comes with sleepy eyes after almost 6 years of not doing it.

Last weekend i went back to my hometown with my mom but without cembam. Cembam had a sportday at her scholl on sunday and was on duty. If cembam tagged along, it means we need to go home at the same day- balik ari. It would be too short of a visit when dad has been saying that he missed xiyad so much. And this weekend, we have a wedding of cembam's bestie which surely made us stay here for the weekend. After series of discussions with cembam she bear the decision to stay and let me bring xiyad back to sabak bernam without her. It's for a greater good :p. Plus my soldier brother managed to get couple days off after a while so I really wanna spend some time with him.

So off I go saturday morning with xiyad in his carseat next to me (even its not encouraged to put the babyseat on the front seat). I picked up mom from my sis' and arrived smoothly home ariund 12 noon. Mom was holding xiyad all the way on his lap. Bagi can la manjakan cucu dia. I took a nap first b4 attending my friend's wedding as i've promised him to come after zuhur when most of the guests have already went home.

After zuhur, equipped with the portable fan, I brought xiyad to the kenduri because i tot my friends wanna meet him. The kenduri was supposed to be the meet-up place 4 the first gathering of spm2000 batch students which has been planned months ago.

But at the end, I didnt see any of them there. I met with my bestie and her family and another bestie without his family. Hahaha!! His wife xlarat because of her pregnancy. So a table of 3 types of families. A complete one, one without the wife, and one without any fmly members at all. Hahaha. The food was so nice~~ I charged my AA battery 4 the flash n the portable fan. But the fan was covered with saliva as my friend's son was playing with it. Luckily the tents have fans and it was rather windy that day.

But no pictures were taken at all!!! Why? Because xiyad didn't sleep b4 we attended the kenduri even after a few attempt of letting him sleep. So when i was having my meal, he got cranky, i folded him in my arm and he dozed off just like that. My hands fully occupied means no photos. Hahahaha

Anyway congrats to yahya and his wife!! I managed to interview the wifey and asked how they met each other. Pretty interesting!! The wifey works at the touch n go office, a non-csr post. But this 1 day, she had to backup a csr on leave so she had to go downstair and worked at the counter. That was the time my friend came to lodge a complaint about his TNG card!! I mean, it was the only time she had to face the customer whom happened to be her destined hubby!! How cute is that!!!

Well, allah punya percaturan kan *wink*


Masy said…
dah jodoh...

so fahrin takmo dtg ke aku ke komplen pape? hihi
Hemy said…
Ko je la pi komplen kt dia..hahahaha
Ku Tak Sempurna said…
biasanya froam a marriage to a complaint. kan

hah hah hah


syabas xiyad. tido bebanyak tak elok utk kesihatan :P
Erina Asmawani said…
Betul..rahsia Allah. Kita memang tak tahu jodoh kita ngan sapa,semua Dia tentukan dan masing2 memang ada jodohnya sendiri ;)