Feverish Xiyad


 It's been 3 days since we bought Xiyad to meet the doctor. We were given coughing syrup, flu and the fever med. And on top of that a white soft capsule-like med that we need to shove it into his body through his anus. I called the hospital yesterday evening when I've already at home to ask carefully on how to rotate the normal syrup medicine with the anus-capsule. So, the nurse advised that if we gave the capsule med, we don't need to give him the fever syrup. They do the same job and we need to wait at least 4 hour for another one. Ok, noted!!

Alhamdulillah he is getting better. But there was one night when he woke up at night, we gave him milk like usual to quench his thirst but it didn't seem to be the only thing that was bothering him. He twitched every now and then, rotated his body upside down and cried slowly. His body was warmer than usual, but not that hot. I put him on my lap, singing him lullaby and recited pieces of 'ayat' from the Qur'an but he kept crying. At that point of time I was extreeemely worry!!! Stories about how kids had a high fever and affected their brains causing down syndrome etc..Oh Allah!! I was seriously worried.

But I kept my cool, checking again and again Xiyad's body. It was not that hot, that was the only thing that made me feel OK and subsided my worry.

If at first, we had to mix his milk with the med because he was struggling so hard and would end up throwing up when I forced him, now he's getting better. We are not anymore putting him on our lap in lying posture. Coz it really makes him feel vulnerable. Like waiting for execution. So I taught Cembam to approach him when he was playing and even while he was on his chest. We have to hold his cheek firmly, less struggling and pump the medicine in bit by bit. It needs patience. We can't pump the med all the way coz most of it will not make it into his throat.

Last night, I had to give him the med around 1A.M when he was awake after he slept since before maghrib. Had to sit him, put him on chest, sit him back while pumping the med into his mouth every now and then. Alhamdulillah he took it well. But the aftereffect - his eyes will take more than an hour to shut back (==). So I bring him down after his med, put him on the toto while I continue my stuff in my PC.

In the morning, same routine. I had to kick off late from my home. Around half an hour late to feed Xiyad his med. This morning, the last syringe was given outside!! He was already cranky, having to consume his med very early in the morning. So I brought him out, sitting near the lake/mine and pumped the med in while he was looking here and there. Then I sent him to the nursery. Huhuhu~~


Erina Asmawani said…
alaaaa..siannya.Tgk pic tu..nampak sgt dia tgh letih. Huhuhu.Get well soon xiyad..
HEMY said…
mekasih auntie erinaaa for the pray
siannya xiyad.get well soon