Xiyad makes grandma smile and cry


Fasting month is approaching and I'm sure the last thing we know, it has already knocking on your door reminding how you supposed to take full advantage of the holiness it brings.

Mom texted me the other day;

Awal puas balk kg ye.mula kan puas sama2

Actually I was blurred for a moment. Puas balk kg? I thought mom wanna say that she tak puas having us in the hometown during our 2-day stay the other weekend. I read and read and was in the middle of texting my mom "tak paham mak oii", and only then it struck me that puas means puasa. Hahahaha!!! Adeh~~ Hamek kawww!! So I replied her "insyaAllah"

Mom is having a hard time being separated with Xiyad. Mom has spent almost 3 months taking care of him, listening to his nagging, to his cry, looking at him doing things and the thing that flashing every now and then in her mind is Xiyad's cry ==.

She shed a tears whenever she was thinking about Xiyad. During the first week of Mom back at her house doing chores, she texted me saying she couldn't do anything as Xiyad keept playing in her mind. 

Mom kept asking whether Xiyad is ok with his nanny and kept suggesting us to let her look after Xiyad at hometown. Huhuhu~~~ I can't imagine our live without Xiyad when we are so used to see him everyday after the working hours. Maybe when he's bigger, nakal and I couldn't care less..Bwahahahaha!!!

Mom..please be strong =].

*purposely put dad's picture with Xiyad. Owh, I remember I promised mom to have her printed photos of Xiyad..tak sempat lagi (==)


Masy said…
grandma punya airmata, grandpa dapat masuk entry. hahaahahaha
Super Nia Hana said…
aku nak like komen masy
zonaku said…
aku pun sokong komen masy