Warrior - my own review

2:57 A.M Huhu..Reached home after our friendly tennis match with BOMBA Cyberjaya around 1 A.M. I've already took a shower before I went home, Cembam didn't cook so I don't need to finish any meal tonight. Hence, I can use the time with Euro or surfing the net. Before I went to play earlier this evening, I watched a movie that I've copied from a friend of mine few weeks ago and it's really interesting. I've already planned to watch it till finished. So apart of watching the Euro, I watched the movie =p.

It's a story about a broken family with 2 sons separated from each others. After a long time, the younger brother appeared on his father's doorstep, a father that he hated so much due to the separation. At the same time, the elder brother was having a financial issue with his own family. Cut it short, both ended up entering an MMA competition called the SPARTA.

They were underdog but they climbed to the final stage with their own skill. But somehow the younger brother, Tommy was actually an AWOL soldier and would be put in the military jail after the final. The RM5 million winner-take-all prize was at stake.

The final was like the place where they poured all the hatred as the Tommy the younger brother decided not to forgive his brother Brendon for leaving him with their mom when they were still kids in the middle of the separation to marry a girl.They fought their heart out and it was an epic brotherly fight that full with action and drama.

Hhahahaha..whenever I watched this kind of film, it makes me wanna throw some punches too. =p


zonaku said…
pesalll??????/ ko nk pukul adik2 ko?
HEMY said…
hahahaha...terbayang gak tuh..beza body pun sama mcm citer ni..haha

takde ah..aku mmg kalu tgok muvi gado2, martial art, boxing, sukan..rasa membara semangat..hahahahaha