Instagram is cool!!

I am fairly new in Instagram. I have it in my SIRI for a while but had not use it at all. I only knew that when you used Instagram, you can upload them to twitter and FB at the same time. Nice..So I tried using it for the first time around last week taking photo of Xiyad as a curtain model. And wow!! Just like that I fall in love with it!!

So this is my very first Instagram photo that I took, Xiyad the curtain model =].

And since then I started to take more photos with Instagram. Then I got this notification that Kapten commented on my picture. I thought he commented the picture in my FB but he was actually commented it in the Instagram itself. Only then I know, "Oh..can comment there". Hahaha. Well, I didn't explore it much though. When I explored it more, I can see my friends 'liked' my photos and at that point of time I know that Instagram really is fun, it's like Flickr but simpler. Nice!!! You can add friends or contacts or whatever you call it, follow people and etc. So much fun!!!

Earlier tonight when I was dining with Cembam and Xiyad, I took another photo with Instagram but due to connection error, the picture failed to be uploaded. That's when I decided to play around and explore it more. I click this one button, it's like looking at history of what has happened in your Instagram. And there's a little suprise!! I showed it to Cembam right away.

Wow!!! Sarimah Ibramih started following me 5 days ago?? *blushing blushing** Ekekekeke!! Well she does following my twitter. She mentioned in her tweet that sometimes she would occasionally follows her fans' twitter (those who follows her) as a surprise gift. 

But she never said the same for Instagram!!! Laalalalalala~~~ It seems that there's a chance Xiyad would be featuring in Fashionista Baby Kiko ke kan??~~~~ Ahahahahahaha!!! Thank Sarimah for following me. Hope you enjoy browsing through my pictures. Mmmuaahhhxxxx!!! Love you!!! Hehehehehe.

p/s : Anyway now I know Instagram pictures can be linked to flickr, to your mailbox and lots more. Cool!!! And thanks to my Instagram friend, Shahfiq and Kapten for being err the only friends I have in Instagram!! Hahahaha!!


Masy said…
aku kene apgred dulu hempon ni baru bole.. huwaaaa
HEMY said…
apgred ngn duit dh abes?hehe
Erina Asmawani said…
instagram ke histogram ke hologram ke kilogram ke..ada aku kesah? hahahaha
tapi gambar kalo dm instagram mesti cantik kan..suka !

*mode nokia cokia je* lalalala
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