I believe strongly on what Allah has planned for me

Hi everyone!!

To those who have been reading my entries from far back years ago might remember that in my life, whenever I faced a difficult situation, I would always trust the Almighty's plan and follow the flow without any hesitation or just a very little objection.

I didn't get depressed when I short a month starting my secondary school when the school term has already started but my name yet to be assigned to any school.

I didn't get depressed when I get caught 'curi line' tepon when the fact was that I only used it twice to call my physic teacher.

I didn't get depressed when my friends and I, a group of 3 decided to pick Prof Hasan as our final project counselor when I had a better option and ended up both of them dropped the subject leaving me alone with the professor who was super busy and hard to get a meeting

I didn't get depressed when the professor said I was wasting his time when I didn't bring the presentation slide during the final year project presentation.

I didn't get depressed when I didn't get the job in HSBC after more than a month attending their course and ended up working at streamyx helpdesk being cursed everyday.

N the list goes on~~~~

I didn't get depressed and live my life just following the curve because I always believe strongly that Allah had a plan for me. HE always do. And Alhamdulillah up till now, despite of the bitter challenges, bitter news, I always bestowed with rahmat after that. I got other opportunities after the lost I had.

I keep doing my work which involves a skill that is not known by any other company except my client here in Malaysia. But I keep doing it apart of my future looking so dull n blurry. Yet after 5 years, another company is implementing the system with my skillset. I'm so grateful to him. I did what I was 'told' n follow my life line and Alhamdulillah the rizq eventually come.

I just said "nevermind" to myself when the management didn't assign me to a project where I was the most suitable candidate for the given time and resource. It turned out that it allowed me to directly ask for a job in that particular client's company as I am not attached to their project and there's no conflict of interest in my case. Surely Allah knows best.

But U don't just follow without doing any effort. Along these challenges of life, I keep doing one thing - ASK!! The power of asking is really enormous and you could never imagine how great change it could bring when you ask something about it. 

In the end, Alhamdulillah I'm grateful that I gained a lot by asking in the process. =]. Never ever forget to ask my dear friends =]



Erina Asmawani said…
nice entry :) ye..semuanya Allah dah tentukan.Kita sebagai hamba kena selalu berdoa untuk dipermudakan segalanya.Kena selalu bersyukur dan jangan mengeluh.

Haihhh..gambar Xiyad tu mmg mencairkan hati lahhhh!! Senyum menggoda.Tapi belambak menan kat situ penyepit baju gak dia nak main.Hahhaha
Masy said…
betul betul. kene redho selalu dengan berlapang hati..

hahahaha xiyad xiyad.. pasni suruh ayah beli sepit baju jelah eh, save bajet.
Ayman said…
Surah Ibrahim ayat 7 yang bermaksud: “Demi sesungguhnya! Jika kamu bersyukur nescaya Aku akan tambahi nikmat Ku kepada kamu, dan jika kamu kufur dan ingkar sesungguhnya azab Ku amatlah keras".