Food for Life. Mango Floss+Fish n Chips

I have a friend, a colleague who would usually updated her foursquare, checking in at every places she went. Well if not every, should be most of the places. The interesting part of the check-ins that she made are the places she dined in. 

She dines at all over the restaurants here in Gardens and Midvalley. Tony Roma's, Italiannese, Delicious and etc. You name it. And every single day she dines in a place where I could consider expensive which will cost you more than RM10 maybe everytime you dine there.

I'm jealouuusssss~~~~ As she's also traveling a lot!! I mean if it's me, sure pokai already. But she can dine in at a cozy place right after she came back from her travel!! Nice right~~ Jealoussss~~

As for me, almost everyday I would dine at the cheapest foodcourt exists in this cozy place which is the Lower Ground Makan Place. There are various stalls that sells variety of food from roti canai, to 'goreng-goreng', nasi campur and other traditional kuih like cengkodok and tepung pelita. I think there are around at least 30 stalls here. Average spending everyday for my meal is RM6.50. Rm5 for the meal and 1.50 for the beverage.

But today somehow we feel like wanna eat something other than rice. Original plan was to dine at Teppanyaki. But the food court (cozier one) that we went is no longer having teppanyaki stall. So I ordered western food - Fish and chip.

Fact - for guys, mostly we would prefer saving in term of what we eat. But whenever we feel like we wanna eat something nicer or more expensive there is a golden phrase we would use to ease down the guilty.

"Makan jangan berkira"

Hahahahaha!!! Once we told this among ourselves, we would be relieved and can dine in expensively happy. Hahahaha!!! And after our meal, there really is nothing to 'kira' coz no more notes in the wallet. Hahahaha!! And that is when we use another golden phrase

"You deserve the meal. It's your hard earn money. You should pamper your appetite sometimes"

Hahahahahahaha!!! So today I had fish n chip with Mango Floss as my beverage!! Wow the mango floss was reaally nice. It melts in your mouth and those white bead-like thing is like exploded in your mouth and give you a very ahhhhhhhhhh~~~ sensation. Ahahahahaha!!

Ok tomorrow would be nasi putih, telor masin and kuah.


mango floss tu tak masam ka/?1st yg aku cuba masam.aku sbnrnya xtau rasa yg btui cemana.huhu
HEMY said…
bagi aku mmg bestttttttttt
Khadijaimi Imas said…
Fish and chip? Mati2 aku ingat pisang goreng..hahaha!
Masy said…
sedap tuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu
❀aRaBeLLa❀ said…
owh yg kat Makan Place tu pun aku baru tau kewujudan tempat tu..selalu tau foodcourt yg kat atas je.
HEMY said…
fish n chip dia kureng sket dia punya looks imas

bella, makan place tu kalu ko ingat midvalley lama..fudcourt gak yg lintas laluan keta tu..dia upgrade jadi camtu
zonaku said…
aku pun ingat pisang goreng...