Congrats to Shaiful & Diba - late entry!!

Last Saturday, June 17th, I went to my friends' wedding (friends because both are my friends that I've known from 2 different times and places) with Cembam and Xiyad at Taman Dato' Haron PJ. When I saw one of my friend posted his FB status saying that he's already there, we were still lazying in front of the television with Xiyad crawling here and there.

We kicked off from our house after Zuhur and reached there around 3 P.M. Most of the guests have already went back home. I managed to meet some of my colleagues and the other Ziyad, my colleague's son who was born a couple of days earlier than Xiyad. Hehehe. A reunion after 8 months being born!!

A photo from my friend's FB. I was having my dish at that time so I didn't manage to take a picture for myself. 1 muka selenge je, satu lagi cebik nak nangis. Hahahahaha!!!

While we were having our dishes, a group were buzy wrapping up other tables next to us. They have started to pack things up leaving just 2-3 tables near the pelamin to be remained. The only reason our table was not packed up was because we were still eating there. Finished with our meal, we went to the pelamin to take some photos with the bride and the groom. They looked sparkling!!


Shaiful Zamri and Adibah. I know Shaiful as we were working together in the same company, and same project attachment. Adibah on the other hand was my ex-classmate during our degree study at UPM. But we never talked much to each other back then. Well, my student life was mostly attending the class and shoot back to my room to play computer games. Hahahaha!!!


Congratulation to both of you!!! We pray for your happiness and ever lasting marriage which filled with joy, laughter and blessed with anak2 soleh and solehah. Amiiinnnn~~~


Posed next to the banner before leaving. Hahahahaha!! Looked at Xiyad's expression. Bapak kerek kau ye...hahahahaha!!! We then off to The Mines for window shopping.

Congrats again!!!


zonaku said…
muka kerek tu belajar dari ayah ke Xiyad?
Masy said…
hahahaha dari mana tumpahnye kerek klu tak ke anak
Masy said…
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HEMY said…
hahahahaha..kerek biar bertempat motto dia