Spoiled when things are not finished on time

I'm working from home today coz I need to standby at our new house as some of the furniture and the electric appliances are going to be delivered today. Well actually they were supposed to be delivered last Labour Day. But somehow the wiring needs more time and we had to postpone it to today.

Still today is pretty worrying. We have confirmed with the guy doing our wiring yesterday three times. Twice by me and once by Cembam. He confirmed that the work can be finished today and during lunch time the house would have already been washed and ready to receive all the stuffs.

But an hour ago, the guy called me and said he won't make it for today. Haishhhh~~~~~ I was about to confirm with him for the 4th time yesterday but afraid that would irritate him since he had already gave the confirmation thrice. Hmmm

I called the electric store, the merchandise are ready to be delivered. No way we could postpone that. Plus, it would be the 2nd time we postpone it if we do so. I know customer always right, but I also believe on karma. What you did you get back. Hahahaha. And when I call the furniture store, they have also prepared our things to be delivered this noon. Okay~~~~~~~

Oh, I got a call from the furniture store just now. It appears that my negotiation to send the whole things tomorrow works!!! Yeay!!! They can only send some of the furniture today because they only left with 1 tonne lorry for delivery. So I used that as an excuse to postpone the delivery to tomorrow for the whole things. It works!!! Yeayyy!!!

But tomorrow..hmmm..I have to try asking for another work from home day. Cembam has her curriculum evening also. Arghhh~~~ Spoiled!!! It's supposed to be today. The electric appliances will be delivered today as scheduled. But there's no problem about it coz they are wrapped nicely in a box. We can just put them in one of the room first.

Just hope everything went smooth in the end =]


zonaku said…
Insyaallah all will be ok.

kiranya nk ke kenduri wafa nanti blh pakat lepak n kumpulkat rmh baru ko la kot ye...
HEMY said…
hmm boleh je nk bermalam umah aku..so tolak pagi tu dh tepi highway dh..
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