Lagi pasal rumah


Life without an internet connection at home sure sucks!! Huwaa~~ I am still waiting and hoping that Unifi would add my housing area into the next unifi coverage so I could get the installation as soon as possible. The banners are all over my area saying that "Unifi is now available here". But when I went into their website, my area is still not covered =(. I've already signed up to show my interest. Really hope to get it soon~~~ Astro will be relocated this afternoon. Yeay!!

Those tiny little things, your washing machine extension host, your curtain hooks, your plug extensions, padlocks and etc are draining your pocket without U even notice. That's why I always agree that "benda kecik2 ni la yang makan duit tak sedar" (Those small things are the one depleting your money without U even aware). I bought them last evening after my working hours ended and went home which is now further away from my previous one.

My fingers felt numb when I reached the destination. Either my home or my office. I don't know where the fart I put my gloves and I really need them now. And when I reached my house yesterday, Mom and Cembam were still out getting some more of our stuffs from our old house. I waited and waited till the dusk azan filling the empty air. As I couldn't get into my house, why not having a jemaah time right?

I was really amazed actually and felt grateful I did locked out from my house and ended up there. The surau was full with people. When the prayer ended, and I glanced towards my back, all the safs were occupied. Oh my Allah. What a nice neighbourhood. I will try my best to go there as usual as I could. One of my resolution being in this new neighborhood. =]


Half an hour later, Cembam arrived with Mom and my SIL. I brought out all the stuffs from the car, put my wooden cabinet into my office-room and sorted all the books that we have on the shelf, other mugs collection and other stuff on their places and went to bed around 12:30A.M. Huhu..penat~~

Now the big task left is to mounted the curtain reel and installed the curtains. My house receives a direct sunlight in the morning and during the night when we switched on the fan, the heat needs time to dissolve into the thin air. Hope the curtains would filter the heat and makes the house a bit cooler.