Hemy's 7 Super Shots??

Oyeahh!! After more than 2 weeks not having an internet connection at home, tonight is the first night I use my newly installed Unifi which costs me extra RM60 because it took 6 meters extra fiber cable from the allocated 15metres. Huhu!!

As promised, tagged by Jard..I'm doing the HostelBookers 7 Super Shots!!!! Actually it's a reallllyyy hard task to find the 7 super shots and at the end I don't really know whether these 7 are super or just so-so out of my collections. But I did try to browse through all my pictures OK. So just enjoy them yah!!

1) A photo that takes my breath away

Air Terjun Saok Tasik Kenyir

This is taken at one of  the island along the Kenyir Lake. It's called Saok Waterfall. It's sure takes my breath away man!! I mean, if you try to take a breath just like that, a surge of that chilling water would be gushing into your mouth and nose!!! Hahahaha!!!

2) A photo that makes me laugh or smile
floating on an invisible flying carpet
Hehehe..There are actually tonnes of pictures that would make me laugh or smile by looking at it. So I just picked one out of them. This was taken during our company trip years ago. We guaranteed that the bed remained in 1 piece after this picture was taken. Kekekekeke!!!

3) A photo that makes me dream..

Honeymoon - Redang Island
This was taken during my honeymoon at Redang Island. To see such beautiful place, I dream that I could own an island like this, a house as big as this resort and I don't need to think about checking my account every end of the month, traffic jam or harga ikan mahal!!! Hehehehe!! Serenity~~

4) A photo that makes me think

ParrotI saw a same photo just like the one above in the flickr when I did not own a camera yet. I was astonished to see the photo and was asking question like "how did you do that??". Years later, I have my own camera, I went to the KL Birdpark and was trying to take the photo of this beautiful creature. It was when it struck me!!

"this is where that parrot picture was taken!!"

I was so confident because the parrot posed the same as the picture that I adore once. I then uploaded this photo and somehow, the owner of the parrot photo that I was so awed with dropped by and commented this photo. Huhu~~~

5) A photo that makes my mouth water


I believe I don't have anything to elaborate do I? Yes it's not a picture of any food you know.

6) A photo that tells a story

Pantai Seberang Takir Some kids playing by the beach. They do what they like and have fun with it.

7) A photo that am most proud but really not worthy for any National Geographic shot.

Honeymoon - Redang Island 

There you go guys!! 7 photos from my personal collection. You can browse more of them in my Flickr photostream!!! 

Ah~~ I cant tag anyone because I don't know who are my visitor lately. It's like a non-visitor blog in a glance. Hahahahaha!!!


jardness said…
why there's no picture of food? hahaha
HEMY said…
coz it didnt ask for one..hahaha
Masy said…
kan ade food tu jard.. cer tengok bebetul.. ade sepasang buah-buahan di situ.. huahahahhaahha
ruggedmom said…
food from paradise hahahha...
HEMY said…
hahaha..nampaknya food tu dh amek spotlight gambar2 lain
zonaku said…
hmmmm.... nice pics... except tang buah tu.... x le nmpak menarik pun.... sekadar pendedahan secara ketara

photo no.2 how did both of them manage to that? sitting position + jumping..susah tuh weh..haha
muchang said…
Is that parrot real?? haha, seem so patung-like :)
Anonymous said…
Bed Jumping - http://www.mymodernmet.com/profiles/blogs/bed-jumpers-15-photos

---> Banned in hotels
fie-nuts said…
The last photo was taken where ya because it's really nice!
Hemy said…
Redang island.u think that's in front of laguna redang
Hemy said…
*i think*