Action Figure untuk Xiyad

Xiyad's favorite toys are still things with rustling sound or specifically said - plastic. Hehehe. I've improvised after getting some concerns from my friends how lethal a plastic bag could be to your child. So now, I would never give this kind of plastic bag to Xiyad;


Coz this one can be stretched to many shapes and if Xiyad plays it too near to his face and his face got covered by it, he might suffocate. We replaced it with the wet tissue plastic bag. Something like this one below.

The size is just nice. There's no way Xiyad would suffocate by it. I just have to trim the square tips of it coz it's a bit sharp. So I cut the tips making it semi-circle and he really likes it. And the rustling sound is quite interesting to him too. Ekekeke. But now his favorite 'rustling' toy was the tasbih. Yep, the one which is still wrapped by the plastic cover. It's long, nice to hold and rustlingly interesting to him at its best. Ekekeke!!!

Yep something like this. But Xiyad's has the plastic cover from end to end of those 100 beads.

Haa.. how's that? Xiyad really has a nice collection of toys kan? Hahahaha!!! The set of balls that his auntie bought for him is rarely being played. He would lost interest really quick with it. Another thing he likes to play is the Astro remote. If you hand him the TV remote, he would be easily bored unlike the Astro one.

But few days back I bought an action figure for Xiyad. Haaa...ingat lokek sangat ke? Ahahaha!!! There are lots of action figures in the market right. From all kind of cartoons and manga being aired in the television. You know which one I bought for Xiyad? Yaa..I bought the VOLTRON action figure for him. Canggih tuuu...

Ya~~~ Voltron action figure!!!! It can be upgrade to have cannon, laser beam and so on. Untung Xiyad kecik2 lagi ayah dia dah belikan action figure. Haaaa~~~


hanizan said…
Hahaha... gile kedek ko...
HEMY said…
mahal tu action figure selling tauuu
Pocket said…
buleh jadi jam benten tuu.
pocket pun nak heheheh:)

weh!! plastic bag tu betul!!
amat lah merbahayanya kalau bebudak terserkup or tertelan...

mahu nangis tak berlagu jadiknya kalau .....
aim-a said…
zonaku said…
bagus jugak ko dengar kata...

mmg bahaya main beg plastik camtu... tp ko punya idea ni mmg sangat kreatif... hebat!

beware!! dia besar sikit, abih la semua barang rmh jadi mainan dia.. aku dah ada dak kat rmh ni ha, tin famous amos, dia buat tempat rendam batu!
moment said…
aku rasa Xiyad berminat ngan kaler la... dia baru boleh nmpk kaler.. sblm ni itam putih je..
anwar said…
Bro, tak elok bg dia main klip baju, sbb ada besi yg bole dicabut tengah2 tu(yg pegang klip baju)..

bukan apa, anak aku yusuf pun aku bg main klip baju, sedar2 dia gi telan besi tu..

ni nasihat je.. pengalaman aku
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