We should check our physical condition once in a while

Shopping malls are one of the best place to hang out with family. For my family particularly, we prefer the one that has bowling arcade. Ahahahhaa!!! Coz my dad is sooo into it. It's like a tradition for our family to bowl everytime we gather.

We spotted a machine one day when we were strolling around Mines Shopping fair after we had our dinner. At that time, my Mom had just being prescribed a high-blood-pressure medicine after we went for a checkup with the doctor. So when I spotted this machine, I was interested to ask Mom trying it because there's a blood pressure tool equipped with the machine as well.

So Mom tried it and still got an abnormal BP. Cembam and I then strolled into a new outlet looking at the T-shirts and so on and came out after 15 minutes. But my family was still in front of that machine!!! Ahahaha!! No wonder!! All of them had a try. Then Cembam and I also tried it. It's like a complete family package check up. Ahahahaha!!!

The machine looks like this. It can measure your height, weight, your BMI, your BP and your body fat index. At first I tried it myself. I always concern about my health. Yes I am very active sportsman, that's adding to the concern more. What if even being active I still got heart attack or something like that. I mean how can I ensure my healthiness? 

So this was the result of mine. My BMI looks OK. But the ideal weight suggested was kinda lower than mine now. Hmm..I am hoping to gain more weight la machine. Why you suggest the other way around? My body fat index was lower than the normal range. Ahahaha!!! Memang takde lemak nih...Blood pressure looks ok too. Nice.

Then Cembam plak wanna have a go. And this was hers. Her BMI was exactly the same as mine. The suggested weight was also lower than hers. Her Body fat index and Mass Body fat..errr..hahahha!!! It's over the normal range. Masa ni I memang kaw2 la nyakat. Ahahahaha!!!

Cembam : Alaaa..bukan leh caya sangat mesin ni ..tak betul pn.
Aku : Amboi..time mak ukur kata leh caya..hahahaha. Tu byk lemak kat perut, peha tu. Exercise malas
Cembam : Alaaa..nanti aku main badminton la rumah baru

Hahahaha!! Ok Cembam. We exercise with badminton nanti ek using our pagar as a net. Lets burn those fats!!! Hehehehe


zonaku said…
check asian bmi. korang ni tahap sedang elok dah ni