Total Lost. Burning car

Hmm..I clicked the system's icon, the one I use for my work the very first thing after my laptop finished booting and not long after that, I got an error message to use the system =(. A true spoiler when I'm in a high-spirit mode to do another round of testing to the system. Huwahhh~~~ Now what?? wonder. I didn't log into my intranet yet. Ngahahaha!!! Silly Thursday syndrome?

The other day when I was on my to Cyberjaya to play tennis, I saw a fluffy smoke not far from me right after I make my left turn towards the SKVE. I saw a flashing orange light 200m from me and there were cars starting to slow down near the area. Hmm..a car was burning by the roadside. I was in a hurry, I didn't want to be stuck among the slowing cars, so I just brought out my phone, switched on the camera and pointed it at the scene while driving passed it. I could see all the other cars that were slowdown had a-lane gap between them and the burning car. But I drove just next to it coz I wanted to take the photo. I could feel the heat though.

Only after I passed the scene that I thought of something? Oh..I shouldn't drive so near because the car might blow up and shattering pieces might hit your car or worse, pierced it and hit you..Fuhh~~~~ But I got the pic though. Hehehe.

A total lost!!! Hope the owner will get new replacement car as soon as possible


Masy said…
tu diaaaaaaaaa
HEMY said…
pelamin anganku musnah terbakarrr