Wardina's asking for nafkah feat Wafa's solemnization

Hhuwahhhh~~ Monday. How is everyone??

My morning started with the usual traffic jam along Besraya. Well, to be frank I don't really have a usual scene of it because I would kick-off from my house after 10 during normal days. But today I have to attend a meeting scheduled 9.30A.M. So, I had to shuffle through the school of cars along the road. 

A fellow motorcyclist nearly bumped into me when he shifted lane to the most left without even looking behind and I was cursing "Pundek" to him. I regretted that I didn't shout loud enough. So I switched to the most right lane and now a taxi was about to ramp me against the divider but he quickly turned back when he saw a glimpse of me approaching from behind. Selamattt~~~

And before I exit the towards Mid Valley, I saw a motorcyclist lying by the road while someone signalling to the other road users about the accident. I bet a car which was trying to get into the emergency lane ramped that bike. The way I saw the dent. Huu..Thanks Allah for protecting me still until today.

I'm pissed as of now with my rear tyre. I bought a Michelin tyre couple of months back and it was easily punctured!!! The hole was so small even the mechanic guy had a hard time to locate the leak. Then he stuffed the hole but I had to come again weeks after that as I found out that my tyre lose its 'air' gradually. The same guy tended to it, stuffed another one sticky rubber thingy. But it didn't help. I had to come again a week after that and this time the Boss tended to it. But the boss said the hole is too big now, he tried to stuff 2 of the patches together but that's the best he could do. If still leaking air, I need to replace it with new tyre. And that's what I have to do. Fart!!!! It's still considered new and should last another year!!! Arghhh!!!!

Merempit with my Mom these 2 nights made me stop in the middle of the journey to pump the tyre coz it loses more air now every second. Arghhh~~~~


Last Saturday, I took the task to take pictures of my friend's solemnization. It's been a while. I feel rusty in a way. Hmm~~ I've posted a dedicated entry for it in my efendism blog. Congrats Wafa and Iyan!!