Slowly settling it

Yesterday was pretty busy. The project is going to wrap up soon. We are extended for couple more days to finish up things that are on hold due to defect resolution. So I guess today would be pretty busy as well.

Slowly, the processes that I've to take care of for our new house is nearing its' end. Monday - Cembam made the photocopies for the sale n purchase form. Tuesday, I went to change the tenancy for the water supply. Yesterday I went to change the tenancy for the electricity. After office hour, once I reached home Cembam and I went out to make the appointment with the furniture shop and the electric appliances shop. We book for next Labour Day for the items to be delivered to our new house.

Well hoping this weekend the grill can be installed. We are going to wash the house. Praying that the water would be ready by this weekend.  Anyone wanna come and help? Hehehehe!!!

This morning when I went to the nearest TNB branch at Seksyen 6 BB Bangi (if I'm not mistaken), I've already bought a piece of RM10 duty stamp from the post office 2kms away from there. But the TNB staff said I need two. Luckily I can just buy it from their counter. So the difference between change of tenancy for electricity and water supply is that for electricity, you need to buy 2 pieces of stamp duty.

I also need to pay RM280 for security deposit. I was counting my money right in front of the female staff.

"All together, it's RM312", the lady said. Plus RM20 overdue bill and RM3 processing fee
"Errrrr", while counting the notes
"U have enough money? If you dont have enough, I reduce the security deposit to RM250", the lady offered
"Ermm..I have but, the thing is I wont have any left for my lunch. It would be nice if you can reduce it for me"

So I got RM30 reduction for the security deposit. Yayy!! Thanks. If you guys ask why I was offered like that? Well, how on earth a person could bear with an innocence, charming looking guy that frowns in front of you?? Haa?? Who? Of course I got the sympathy. Hahahahahaha!!!!


Ayman said…
Alhamdulillah. Dah nak masuk rumah baru dah..

Bila nk buat house warming?
Hemy said…
Skang musim panas bahang.tkut kalu panggil terlebih warm tetamu x selesa
Masy said…
nak jugak puji diri sndiri hahahahaha