My sis birthday and our family weekend

Last weekend, we spent the time as a family together after a while since the last time we had a blast together. Abah has been wanting to bowl after he back from his umrah. Hahaha!! So on Saturday after asar, we went to Mines coz we wanna recce the electric appliances at the Senheng there. But, we weren't satisfy with the selection and the prices there. We then headed upstairs to bowl. Just a game coz the rate was so expensive. Nak kasi abah lepas gian je orang kata.

Then after the game ended, we all went down to the prayer room. There's a prayer room next to the bowling arcade, but it's small. The proper one was downstairs. But when we got there, there was a sign saying that the prayer room and the washroom are being under renovation. Wow..that small prayer room upstairs was so packed.

When we went back upstairs, there were already group of male prayers that took the corner of the outside isle to perform the prayer. I wanted to join them but when I went to the prayer room, I was the next batch waiting for the one inside finished. So I just waited there. Boleh plak the imam inside recited kinda long doa. A good Imam would just recited a very short one or not even recite the doa because the doa is sunat, but the one waiting outside are waiting to do the wajib. So then once our batch got inside, I acted as the Imam and I recited the fatihah in one breath to compensate the time for others.

IMG_0495Xiyad while waiting for us bowling

On Sunday, we went to the electric store near our place as we decided to bargain the price of the things that we want to buy there and targeting to get discount around 100 at least for each item. And we managed to get the deal. So, after around an hour picking and selecting our items, Cembam paid the 30% booking price. We then shared a bowl of Tutti Frutti, a replacement for my sister's birthday cake. Boring lah cake. 

 Dad asked me how much is the ice cream and he guessed 4 ringgit. Ahahahaha!!! When I told him it costs RM20, he just gulp and took another scoop of it. Ahahahahaha!! Happy birthday Fiqah. May you keep excel in your study and never neglect the responsibility as a daughter to our parents
So comfyy

Syok je Xiyad layan baring atas katil in the shop. Apa lah yg dia dok bayang tu.

Then we thought we were going for lunch after that. But Cembam wanted to add some order for our furniture and the shop was just nearby. Mom waited for us inside the car with Xiyad while we went inside. Abah was interested with a bedroom set that only costs RM866 and seriously wanted to buy a set. But when we asked for the delivery charge, it was around RM500. Ye lah..sabak bernam ko...Ahahahaha!!! We added a wooden cabinet and a single bed for Xiyad. We thought, we don't necessarily have to buy a kid set though. Need to be wiser in using our limited money.

Only then, we headed to Seksyen 7 to have our lunch at SATE UK. I only ordered 20 sticks coz everyone else except Fiqah and I were having nasi campur. We headed to Shah Alam as Abah had to kick-off back to hometown before the downpour. But yah, abah is still here at my house. Tak jadi balik that Sunday. Hahahaha

 family time

This is some of our casual time with Xiyad. Oh the hijab tu had to edit la. Ekekeke. Penangan Draw Something tuh.


This is Xiyad's favourite chair. ekekekeke!!! If you massaged his legs while he sits like this, dia sengeh2 je. Like a boss!!!! Oh he has running nose now. Meragam last evening when I got back home. Siannnn


kEy said…
ala comey doodle tudung~

aritu mkn tutti frutti tu kosong 3 orang satu mangkuk, jimat! ahaha~
HEMY said…
kalau sorg semangkuk alamat nazak la
syah shah said…
aku tak penah makan lagi tutti fruitty nih... sedap sangat ke weh?