Mass Media. The Pros and the Cons

Mass Media plays an enormous role to the society especially during this modern digital world. Ranging from old-school news and advertisements to the latest medium like twitter, facebook, tumblr and lots more, each and every single one of them has thousands of users. Information are being shared in a milliseconds speed among the users and they are evolving rapidly for sure.

The day Lady Gaga was broadcasted through the media and viewed by people all around the world, most of us would say "what a weird clothes!!", "does this lady has a sense of fashion at all" and lots more. I still remember that I was one of those viewers who think that she is one weird lady. But with the power of the media, the next day - it was accepted as the Lady Gaga Fashion and some people are start wearing those bizarre clothing and accessories now. Look how great the media can influence people!!!! If you wear something so annoying and disturbing in the eyes of the villagers in your neighborhood till the extend where they start shouting and yelling at you or even try to hit you coz you look so weird and will give a bad influence to the kids, but as long as billions of people know about it through the media, it will surely get accepted. That's how gigantic the influence of a media is. Would you agree?

You can sell more of your stuff through the mass media. You just need to choose which channel you would prefer. Back then, the commercial break is the best option to do it. I remember my Mom would say "dah tak laku..kuar la iklan (their stuffs are not selling, that's why they put up an advertisement in the television)". That's how my mom looked at it. But in a way, it is true. They put up an advertisement to boost their sale, to let the people know about their product, what their service is all about and etc. I don't think you need to do any advertisement if somehow, your brand is known throughout the country and internationally. But you still gonna do it if you want to reach more people right?

By using mass media as a medium of advertisement, you are also playing your role in saving the earth. How? As you are no longer using the orthodox method of printing flyers and hand them to the pedestrians, or glued them on any wall you could find and authorized to, papers are no longer used in your campaign. No more flyers all over the place being thrown away right after you handed them to somebody. No loitering and it's way more earth friendly.

It's also save the effort of physically handing them on your own to spread the news. You can save more money by advertising it via online as they are lots of free application out there that could benefit your campaign and selling. Nice right?

But you really need to know your target audience, your scope and your budget. If you going to advertise your brand in the television which will cost you quite a fortune, you need to make sure you have a great marketing plan and catchy advertisement to let people acknowledge you brand and buying them. If this is not the case, not just you wont make any profit, but the cost of advertisement is adding into your deficit as well. You can't just blindly opt the best possible option without a proper plan. This is the reason why you need to explore the free options at its best.

In a general impact of the society, the role of a mass media could be fatal as well. I remember about an article I read about World War II. It's about how the Jews manipulated Americans' media at that time which are the radios and the newspaper to make the Germany looks bad and evil and resulted to their lost in the World War. Before the Jews decided to pick a side with the American, the radio was airing a neutral stand and just reporting the progress of the war. But once Jews started to manipulate the media, the hatred towards Germany was piling up to an extend where the world really hope Germany would lose the war.

And by inappropriately using the mass media, you can implant fear, hatred or any other feelings towards the viewer. You can keep on broadcast to the world how the Palestinian are terrorist when they are just fighting for their own land and their own freedom. You can plan hatred and fear towards Islam by manipulating the media. You can ruin a reputation of anyone by spreading bad news about them. In a simple way of looking it, if you control the media, you control the world. Over-exaggerating? Maybe but maybe not.

In the end, it's not the tool that gives the peace or chaos, but the users themselves. A pencil is a harmless writing stencil but at the same time it's a very dangerous murder tool if it used by someone else. It's up to us to use it in a good way isn't it?


Pocket said…
i agree 100% ly,
the media controls the world.
and if the movie from US keep on telling about the danger of muslim,
then we'll be framed right from the very beginning.

jangan nak kata jauh!
mak tok pocket adalah penyokong setia umno pasal dia tak penah tengok media lain selain RTM and TV3. heheheh
HEMY said…
so damn right..itu le pasaiiii nye